Check What’s New in 2021 Health Insurance Plans


Check What’s New in 2021 Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. It has become an essential buy in this testing time. But, what to choose is the question that can scorch your mind when you look for the best health insurance deals. Basic coverage is essential but do you know you can increase the coverage with the help of new health insurance trends 2021. These new covers in health insurance give you access to advanced healthcare facilities and ensure you live a healthy life. So, let’s check out what’s new medical insurance has in its kitty for the customers in 2021:

Corona Kavach

The coronavirus pandemic hit the whole country badly; IRDAI came up with Corona Kavach policy as an initiative to save people, their health, and wealth in this tough time. It is a big relief from the massive treatment expenses for COVID-19. This new policy includes in-patient hospitalization charges along with room rent, ventilator, boarding, and nursing charges. You can buy it online with a sum insured of Rs. 5 lac with a minimal waiting period of 15 days. The best feature of this policy is cashless treatment at the network hospitals in your vicinity. So, if you have financial constraints but want to keep yourself and your loved ones at bay from the lethal virus, opt for this policy. 

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Home Care Treatment Expenses

Experts say that people can combat COVID-19 while staying at home. All you need strict doctor supervision, medicine, diet, regular vital check-ups, sanitization, and social distancing. Moreover, the good news is that health insurance like Corona Kavach covers home care treatment expenses up to the sum insured maximum of 14 days, including medicine, consultation, and nursing charges. 

Coverage for Diagnostic Tests

It is great! Now you can get the coverage for diagnostic tests underwent at home or the authorized diagnostic center for coronavirus. Additionally, diagnostic charges for other diseases are also covered under pre and post-hospitalization cover, where you can get the reimbursement for these expenses up to SI. 

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Consumable Items Cover

At times even petty expenses collectively create a financial burden on the pocket. Thankfully this time, consumable items like gloves, PPE Kit, attendant charges, masks, etc., are also covered under the health policy. This is an add-on that you can buy additionally with our Care health insurance plan. 

Digital Discount

A discount brings a smile to your face and helps you to save extra money. While buying health insurance online, you can get digital discounts based on policy duration, the number of insured members, and online payment. 

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Reduction in Waiting Period

Do you know pre-existing diseases have 48 months waiting period in health insurance? It means you cannot file a claim before the completion of this duration. But, now, with an add-on reduction in the waiting period, you can reduce the time from 48 to 24 months. It is really helpful for people who have pre-existing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc. 

Customized Policies

Gone are the days when you have to accept the policy as is,  even if the benefits were not helpful. But, now customization is a new trend, and you can tailor your policy as per your healthcare needs and budget. Visit the official portal, fill in the required details and get the quote in few clicks. 

Advanced Technology

These days from daycare treatment that requires hospitalization for less than 24 hours to advanced technology methods like robotic surgery, balloon sinuplasty, brain stimulation, or oral chemotherapy, all are covered under health policy. It is good for speedy and sustainable recovery. 


Health insurance is a boon to all that not only protects you from hefty medical bills but also keeps your savings intact. It gives you access to the best healthcare facilities without getting into a spiral of debt. Care Health Insurance offers highly customize and comprehensive health insurance plans with all these new health insurance trends in 2021. So, opt for any of them and make the best health insurance deals that work well for you and your family. 

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. For more details, please read the sales prospectus. 

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