How Being Vegetarian Lower Your Health Insurance Costs


How Being Vegetarian Lower Your Health Insurance Costs

Being vegan is a new voice across the world. The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, strokes, and cancer can reduce by adopting a plant-based diet. The utmost important thing you can do for a healthy life and save money is to go for vegetarian food. Vegetarians have less risk of developing life-threatening diseases. As a result, their health insurance premium is also less as compared to non-vegetarians. They also do not require regular hospitalization and enjoy other benefits under medical insurance. There are several benefits of being vegetarian. Let’s understand how being vegetarian lower your medical insurance costs.

Affordable Premium

A premium of a health insurance policy depends on various factors such as age, weight, pre-existing diseases, etc. The more healthy you are, the less premium you need to pay. So, to achieve this goal, a vegetarian diet is helpful. It balances your BMI, heart rate, cholesterol, and nutrients in the body and keeps you healthy. Meat eaters are more prone to diseases like cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity. The premium for such illnesses is high. Thus, a vegetarian diet can help you to opt for medical insurance at an affordable premium.

No Claim Bonus Benefit

Under health insurance plans, you can avail of no claim bonus benefit for not filing the claim in a policy year. It can goes maximum upto 150% of the sum insured subject to policy terms and conditions. Light food, pulses, cereals, dairy products in your diet gives you sustainable health and lower your risk of hospitalization. Therefore, the benefits of being vegetarian help you to accumulate your sum insured and use it during any severe medical emergency only.

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No Recurring Medical Costs

Healthy living and a healthy diet always save your hard-earned money. It eliminates the risk of severe diseases like cancer, stroke, kidney failure, etc. that need regular treatment. You do not need to visit a doctor regularly, no heavy or advanced medication, no often hospitalization. Therefore, you left with no recurring medical costs that you have to bear out of your health insurance coverage. You can keep the sum insured for future medical emergencies.  

Annual Health Check-Up

Under medical insurance coverage, you get an annual health check-up. If you remain hale and hearty, you do not need to go for further any check-ups outside that costs you thousands of rupees. You can avail of this benefit one in a policy year and saves your money. The health check-up includes different kinds of tests depends on the ailment, coverage, and sum insured.

Live Healthily 

Non-vegetarian food increases your vulnerability to different kinds of life-threatening diseases. Whereas, it is important to consider the pros and cons of being vegetarian. But, veggies always help you to live healthily. A medical emergency is unpredictable; you should always keep future expenditure in mind and plan your finances accordingly. 

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So, the benefits of being vegetarian reduce your health care expenditure and help you to stay in the pinkest of your health. Therefore, adopt a vegetarian diet and a comprehensive health insurance policy offered by Care Health Insurance now.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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