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A Complete Guide to Use Health Insurance Calculator

Health Insurance companies have rigorous facets that define their premium calculation. These calculations may be based on different aspects like age, family medical history, pre-existing disease, income and much more.  At Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance), we provide the complete guide that gives our customers a clarity upon premium, its calculation, and benefits. We help our customers not get confused with the available choices. For instance, if you already have any pre-existing disease, then your premium will be higher.. Read the following instructions for an ultimate guide to making wise buying decisions.

What is Health Insurance Premium?

Before you read about calculation, it’s advisable to get a gist on premium. It is the pre-decided amount of money that every insured has to pay to the health insurance company at regular intervals. This makes you eligible to avail of all the medical coverages and benefits for the stipulated period as per your policy under any medical hazard. So, you need to know the insurance premium before you buy any health insurance plan. In this way, you can pick the health insurance that is affordable and beneficial for you. 

What is Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

Earlier, insurance premium calculation was a cumbersome task for the customers. But, with the growing technology, it’s now become easy to know the amount of the premium before buying a policy. Health insurance calculator refers to an online tool to get an estimate of the amount of premium that you have to pay for getting insured. Calculations are based on several factors such as your age, pre-existing disease, your income, family history and more. If you already have any pre-existing disease then, in that case, your premium will be higher than those who don’t have. Further, it will also help you to prepare your budget and invest in the policy that will be cost-effective and gives you more coverage. We, at Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance), also facilitate our customers to calculate the health insurance premium online. 

Benefits of Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Knowing the premium amount in advance will be half the battle won. It’s just you need to put your details and get it in just a single click. Your life becomes easy and you can choose the policy that suits your health and pocket. Here we have some quick benefits to check the premium online:

  1. Gives you an estimate of the premium payable prior to buying health insurance policy.
  2. Right premium calculations will give you the grounds based on which you can plan your budget. 
  3. Comparison amongst different premium amounts makes it easy to choose the most cost-effective health insurance plan. 
  4. No hefty calculations are required, just put the required details on the website and make a hassle-free decision. 
  5. Calculators show applicable add-on covers that you can buy for your other medical needs. 
  6. Premium amount with free quote is readily available in a single click. You do not need to wander from one insurance company to another for buying insurance. 
  7. Customers can also avail tax benefits on premiums paid for health insurance policy.

At Religare, you can get the premium in microseconds with all the necessary information. So, calculate your premium now and get yourself insured.

How to Use Health Insurance Premium Calculator at Religare?

We, at Religare, provides advanced health insurance premium calculator. It’s like icing on the cake. You can easily calculate the premium and get a free quote. Follow the below steps and get your premium amount within a blink of an eye.

Step 1- Visit the website

Step 2- Click on the “Health Insurance” button, given on the homepage of the website. 

Step 3- Click on the “Get Quote Instantly” button. 

Step 4- Fill all the required details such as mobile number, email address, first name, last name and  members to be insured.

Step 5- Click on “I agree to the terms and conditions” and to get the premium amount. 

In this way, you can select the health insurance policy that offers maximum coverage under one umbrella with an affordable premium. So without complicating your future, take the first step to secure your tomorrow.  You can also take the help of our Chabot for further assistance. We are always happy to help our valuable customers.

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