Tips on How to Manage Stress and Balance Work as a Woman

Tips on How to Manage Stress and Balance Work as a Woman

The socio-cultural setup in India forces a woman to perform multiple roles which add to her stress. A working woman is often seen juggling between her work and home, leaving her with no time to relax or slow down. In the struggle to achieve work life balance, a woman is always stressed with pressure to fulfil obligations and often ignores her own needs. Hence women must know how to manage stress and anxiety. This blog will help women understand how to balance work and life and the importance and benefits of stress management. But, before digging deeper, let’s understand-

What is Work-life Balance? 

Work life balance means successfully managing work, family and personal life. Work life balance for women is important because they manage multiple roles as working professionals, homemakers, a mother and a caregiver. In India, women may be contributing to the family income and matching steps with men at work but the load of household chores is still mostly on women. However, a woman can manage both personal and professional responsibilities and achieve work life balance  with these pro tips. Let’s begin:

6 Tips to Maintain Work-life Balance

Look out for the following tips to lead a balanced life:

Take Out Time for Self-care

Set aside time for yourself. Do things that you like such as pursue a hobby, go out with friends, read, or just relax at home. Make time for things that help you unwind and relax.

Use Productivity Hacks

Using productivity hacks can help you get more things done in less time. Get up 2 hours early to get some quiet time to plan your day and set goals. Take help and delegate tasks to reduce the workload. Prepare to-do lists, use technology and take breaks in between your work to improve productivity.

Manage Time

Time management is crucial when you are playing multiple roles. Plan your day to achieve maximum work done in a day. At home, prepare meal plans for a week so that you don’t have to worry daily about what to cook.

Set Boundaries

Learn to say no and set boundaries. Do not take up responsibilities more than you can handle. It is not your job to get everything done. Let others take charge and let them know when you are not available.

Have a Support Network

It's important to have a support network in place to help you manage various responsibilities such as household chores, raising children, or your work obligations. This support network can include people like your house help, family members or friends. Having a support system in place can help you stay focused on what's important and prioritise things better.

Set Goals for Personal Growth

You know your strengths and weaknesses very well. Set attainable goals, brush up your skills and focus on your personal growth as it helps you evolve into a better person and also achieve your goals.

What is Stress Management?

Stress is mental, physical and emotional reactions to challenging situations in life. A little amount of stress is good to keep you motivated and work towards your growth. However, chronic stress can have adverse long-term effects on your health. To cope with stress, you need to learn how to manage stress. 

Stress management is a way to control your stress, which reduces its negative impact on your life and improve quality of life. The first step to stress management is identifying the main causes of stress. Once you know the exact cause, you can use effective ways to deal with it. Some common causes of stress in women are too much workload, peer pressure, , family conflicts, caregiving responsibilities, parental responsibilities, health concerns and financial issues.

Types of Stress Management Techniques

Stress management not only helps in achieving work life balance but also helps in all aspects of our lives, hence importance of stress management cannot be ignored. Here are some effective stress management techniques

  • Exercises such as yoga, jogging, and even breathing exercises can help in reducing stress and also in keeping you physically fit.
  • Meditation is a great way to reduce stress as it helps you focus and live in the present. When you live in present you worry less about what will happen in future and what has happened in past.
  • Journaling is a great coping outlet as it helps in releasing all negative emotions. Writing about your thoughts also helps you give a perspective on what is causing stress.
  • Therapy is helpful when you are experiencing acute stress and not able to deal with it yourself. A professional can help you self-reflect and guide you on how to approach a stressful situation without affecting yourself.

Benefits of Stress Management

Stress is a risk factor for causing many health conditions. Using various techniques to manage stress can benefit you in many ways:

  • It improves your productivity as you can better focus on your work and are more engaged professionally.
  • It improves the quality of your life because when you are more productive and less stressed, it will lead to positive outcomes.
  • It improves your overall health. Stress can cause high blood pressure, early menopause, skin allergies and mental health issues. Managing stress can help you avoid all these health conditions.
  • It is the first step in achieving work life balance and can help you enjoy the benefits of work life balance.

Keep Stress at Bay with Care Health Insurance

The answer to the question ‘is work life balance a myth or reality’ depends on individual perspectives and circumstances. For some, it may be achievable and for some striking a balance between work and life is impossible. When we discuss work life balance, there are numerous factors to consider, such as your job, family situation, relationships, finances etc. Even your financial condition can affect your mental health by being the major cause of stress due to any adverse circumstances such as health emergency. In such a situation you can plan your finances with a health insurance plan and cover the incurred expenses and keep the much anticipated stress at bay.

Care Health Insurance plans can help you take care of your and your family’s healthcare expenses without any hassles and stress. These comprehensive plans are customisable as per the needs of the individuals.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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