5 Ways Health Insurance Can Reduce Your Father's Financial Stress


5 ways health insurance can reduce your father s financial stress

Fathers have equal responsibilities and contributions to nurture the family. They have such sleepless nights when they are trying to balance the household's finances every month. They segregate their income to gives you good food, clothes, a protected house, education, and foremost health. These days, if any medical uncertainty occurs, it can derail all his planning and lead financial stress. So, on the occasion of Father's Day Celebration, let's give him health insurance to reduce his financial burden. Check it how it works:

Immediate Cashless Hospitalization

With a medical insurance policy, he can go for immediate cashless hospitalization during any health emergency. He can avail of this facility in any of the network hospitals located near to your residence. He gets the best possible treatment without paying any cash from his pocket. It brings a great sense of relaxation to him.

Coverage against Medical Expenses

Under health insurance, he will get the coverage against medical expenses such as in-patient hospitalization to pre and post hospitalization, alternative treatments, and domiciliary hospitalization. He can get the treatment for pre-existing, critical, and life-threatening diseases like coronavirus, cancer, kidney failure, heart ailment, stroke, etc.

Additional Benefits

Medical insurance offers a bundle of benefits. Apart from coverage for hospitalization, your dad can get additional benefits like no-claim bonus, a double sum insured, reduction in PED waiting period, global coverage, international second opinion, ambulance cover, and lots more. These benefits help him to avail of good health care.

Encourage Savings

The right health insurance policy helps him to keep his hard-earned money saves for future purposes. He is free from the botheration of paying hefty hospitalization bills that can occur anytime due to increased pollution, pandemic, lifestyle, bad eating habits, and pre-existing diseases. It encourages him to save more that he can use for other financial commitments in the future.

Tax Benefits

Further, medical insurance also provides tax benefits. According to section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, a premium paid against health insurance for self, parents, children, and spouse gets tax exemption subject to terms and conditions.

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Peaceful Retirement Life

Some chronic health problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, etc. require long treatment and medication. Health policy covers the recurring costs for on-going treatment that your Father can avail of even after retirement. He does not need to depend on anyone financially for his treatment in the twilight years of life. It gives him a peaceful and healthy retirement life.


Being a Father is like an overwhelming journey where he has so many things to manage, and yet he has to be calm, supportive, protective and guiding to you. Health insurance is one of the fantastic Father's day gift ideas for your Father. It not only reduces his financial stress but also gives him a helping hand to save more and avail the best health care facilities.

On the occasion of Father's Day, Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) wishes, Happy Father's Day. Opt Care Freedom Senior Citizen Medical Insurance policy that reduces your Father's financial burden and gives him good health forever.