How Safe It Is to Lose Weight During Pregnancy?


How Safe It Is to Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

Most of us believe that during pregnancy, you should "eat for two" and be encouraged to put on some weight healthily. But some might also wonder if losing weight while pregnant is ever ok. While your baby grows, your health and wellness come first during pregnancy. To help guarantee a healthy pregnancy and delivery, it is normal to emphasise nutrition, exercise, and self-care when pregnant.

Is it Safe to Lose Weight While Pregnant?

Concerns about weight can arise during pregnancy. Some people worry about pregnancy weight gain or insufficient weight, whereas some might have been underweight or overweight before becoming pregnant and are attempting to control it.

Weight does alter while a pregnant woman manages food cravings, sickness, and shifting hormone levels. These fluctuations are noticed during medical visits and accounted for in the post-conception care plan.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is anticipated, healthy, and natural. According to healthcare professionals, you shouldn't pursue a weight-loss regimen while pregnant. Continue reading to understand more about weight gain and pregnancy.

Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy?

In general, doctors and certified dietitians advise against attempting to lose weight while pregnant. Extreme obesity can make pregnancy and delivery risky, so in that case, weight reduction may be advised. Yet, due to the potential implications that dropping weight may have on the growing foetus, most medical professionals choose to err on the side of precaution.

While gynaecologists generally advise against losing weight while pregnant, they occasionally exercise "practitioner discretion" in cases such as if a patient is exceedingly obese. Even then, the advice is typically to maintain one's current weight rather than cutting down.

Morning sickness normally does not cause significant weight loss in the first trimester, especially if you maintain the right amount of weight later in your pregnancy. If you have weight loss after the first trimester, it is advised that you consult a healthcare professional.

When you weigh over 125 kilograms, your pregnancy may be at risk due to weight.

It's also necessary to note that being overweight doesn't guarantee your pregnancy will be unhealthy. Without placing emphasis on weight loss, maintaining a good diet and physical activity regimen can go a long way towards keeping you and your unborn child healthy during pregnancy.

How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy Safely?

Even before your baby is born, you must look after his and your health. If your health expert recommends you shed some weight, the following are the easiest ways-

  • Know the limit of your weight gain
  • Cut down on unhealthy calories
  • Exercise for 30 minutes regularly
  • Do not consume processed foods
  • Avoid being stressed

Losing weight during pregnancy is only possible when you are healthy enough to lose some weight or your health expert has advised you.

Pregnancy Hazards Associated with Being Overweight

Pregnancy-related obesity is linked to bad health consequences for the expecting mother and the foetus. A BMI over 29 kg/m2 reduces the likelihood of conception and raises the possibility of additional risks, including:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • A severe case of preeclampsia or gestational hypertension
  • Pregnancy diabetes
  • Perinatal death
  • You can experience obstructive sleep apnea, which causes brief breathing pauses while you sleep.

Obstetricians monitor blood pressure and sugar levels throughout pregnancy and check for any indications of gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. Such women are given particular dietary instructions or fitness recommendations to alleviate these symptoms and encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Can a Pregnant Woman Lose Weight Safely?

Medical professionals typically advise women to consume a balanced diet and exercise daily to maintain their unborn children's health. Also, most medical professionals advise against weight loss diets for expectant mothers because they can cause more problems for the developing foetus. However, some medical professionals think there are safety steps a woman can take during pregnancy to decrease or manage healthy body weight as more studies, and technological advances are made. To minimise unnecessary hazards to their health and the health of their unborn children, women should aim to lose extra weight before getting pregnant. Losing weight after pregnancy is a better option for a healthy mother.

The woman will begin losing the fat she has stored if she does not gain weight while pregnant. She could consequently lose weight compared to before the pregnancy. During the first trimester of pregnancy, nausea or morning sickness is the main cause of weight loss in women. Extreme morning sickness can also deplete the body of nutrients. Thus it is advised to have a doctor on call throughout the entire journey. Pregnancy weight gain in women typically starts in the second trimester, when they gradually feel better.

Take Pre-Pregnancy Weight into Account

It would be beneficial if you considered your weight before getting pregnant. To encourage conception and a safe pregnancy, get medical advice on losing any excess weight or reaching your desired weight. Women of all body types can conceive and become pregnant. However, studies show that prematernal obesity can lead to several difficulties. Preeclampsia, teen pregnancies, and macrosomia—where the foetus is larger than normal—are among these issues. Moreover, it may harm a mother during childbirth. Hence, to support a healthy weight and increase fertility, one should consider making beneficial, long-lasting lifestyle adjustments.

Guidelines for Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

To create a care plan after you become pregnant, you should consult with an obstetrician. You might talk about pregnancy diet and exercise during your first visit. You can also increase your weight since the recommended weight gain during pregnancy is frequently based on your initial weight.

For women of various weights, various weight gain suggestions exist (classified by BMI). Yet, these are debatable because BMI is not a good health gauge. Every shape, size, and weight is acceptable for carrying a healthy pregnancy. Although it is possible to have a safe pregnancy if you are fat, it is advised that you pay attention to your pregnancy diet chart, nutrition, weight, and exercise routines, as well as seek regular prenatal care to check for issues.

Summing it up

Taking care of yourself throughout pregnancy is important by eating healthfully and exercising regularly. In addition to ensuring you gain the right amount of weight to maintain a healthy pregnancy, this can help prevent pregnancy problems, including gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

It's not a good idea to reduce weight while expecting because it could prevent your body from acquiring the nutrition it needs for a developing baby. To plan nourishing meals and snacks throughout pregnancy, consult a dietician. Remember to get a maternity health insurance plan to cover your pre and post-hospitalisation medical expenses. You can choose the JOY Maternity Insurance Plan by Care Health Insurance, which covers newborns for up to 90 days.

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