Does Your Health Insurance Provide Coverage for Asthma Treatment?


Does Your Health Insurance Provide Coverage for Asthma Treatment?

As the world gasps for pure oxygen amid rising pollution, the toxic air becomes unbearable for asthma patients. Over 34.3 million Indians bear the burden of asthma, with a death rate contribution of 42% of the total deaths worldwide. Recent reports suggest that over 90% of asthmatics do not receive the right medications due to unawareness and expensive treatment costs. For prolonged asthma treatment, patients need a reliable backup of funds and medical services to control the symptoms and suppress chronic allergies. This is where health insurance comes to the rescue. 

But does your health insurance offer coverage for asthma treatment expenses and surgeries?

In this article, learn about why you need adequate mediclaim coverage as an asthmatic and how Care Health Insurance policies lower your medical burden as you recover. 

What are Respiratory Diseases? What are the Symptoms and Causes?

Respiratory disease affects the organs of the respiratory system, including the mouth, nose, throat, windpipe, lungs, voice box, and the respiratory muscles in the chest cage. Any damage or disruption in these organs can cause coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, blockage in the airways, wheezing, swelling of the lymph nodes, and other problems in the bronchial tree. 

Given the critical role of respiratory organs in supporting a web of capillaries, you must protect even the smallest blood vessel from dust and external pollutants. What aggravates the risk of respiratory diseases are factors like smoking (active and passive), tobacco consumption, air pollutants, and indoor pollutants like solid fuels. 

How Does Asthma Affect the Lungs? 

One of the most common respiratory diseases, asthma is a prolonged condition causing a permanent swelling inside the lungs and its airways. During an asthma attack, the patient can struggle to breathe in and out due to excessively swollen and tightened airways. Such attacks are recurring as the airways remain narrow while producing extra mucus. Some of the early signs of asthma include:

  1. Rigorous coughing
  2. Wheezing or whistle-like sound while coughing
  3. Pain and tightness in the chest
  4. Difficulty in breathing, and
  5. Unusual huffing and puffing during physical activities.

Although the asthmatic condition is incurable, a healthy lifestyle and environment can suppress the symptoms and causes.

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What is the Procedure and Cost of Treating Asthma in India? 

 Asthma Symptoms and Treatment

The type of treatment for asthma depends upon the severity of the condition. The frequency and intensity of asthma attacks determine the condition’s severity– based on which there are three stages of the treatment plan:

  1. Long-term medications for controlling everyday effects 
  2. Quick-relief medications for relieving an asthma attack
  3. Allergy medications to suppress allergic reactions, and
  4. Bronchial thermoplasty for treating severe asthma.

Tending and controlling asthma symptoms is a continuous process that involves regular medications and doctor visits– leading to unbearable medical costs. While asthma medications can range between INR 500 to 4000, the advanced procedure of bronchial treatment can cost as high as INR 10 lakhs in India. 

Benefits of Health Insurance for Asthma Patients 

Together with the day-to-day struggle, asthma patients face regular financial crunch while looking after their respiratory condition. Thus, it is essential to opt for the right health insurance for asthma and its expenses, along with these benefits:

  1. Covers the Cost of Prolonged Treatment: Whether a pre-existing condition or recently-developed asthma symptoms, you should opt for a health plan offering uncompromised coverage. The right plan helps you lower the expenses of regular doctor visits, in-patient care, day-care treatments, and other non-medical charges like ambulance costs. 
  2. Offers Coverage for Advanced Technology Methods: When struggling with chronic asthma, patients need expensive bronchial surgeries costing over 10 lakhs. The ideal health insurance for asthma provides coverage for these modern surgical methods– lowering the cost and stress of policyholders. 
  3. Instant Coverage Options for Asthma: For a pre-existing condition of asthma, patients need to serve a waiting period of 4 years until they can claim the treatment. The good news is– reliable health insurers like Care Health Insurance reduce the waiting time by offering optional covers. The ‘Instant Cover’ option can help you get a claim for multiple pre-existing conditions, including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc. 

If you are wondering which health insurer offers the above-mentioned benefits against asthma treatment in India– enter Care Health Insurance. 

Which Health Insurance Policy Covers Asthma Treatment Expenses? 

At Care Insurance, we offer two health insurance plans for asthma, namely, ‘Care Supreme- The Next Generation Health Insurance’ and ‘Care Classic- The Zone-based Health Insurance’. The two policies offer coverage for asthmatic treatment expenses and standard operation costs, along with the following features:

  1. Lowest waiting period of 30 days for a new case of asthma
  2. Reduced 4-year waiting period for pre-existing asthma condition with the ‘Instant Cover’ optional policy
  3. Coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, in-patient care, day care treatment, and AYUSH treatment up to the sum insured
  4. Coverage for advanced technology methods like bronchial thermoplasty
  5. Unlimited e-consultations
  6. Unlimited automatic recharge, and more. 

With an in-house claim settlement team and a wide network of 22900+ cashless hospitals, Care Insurance promises seamless financial and health insurance coverage for asthma patients across India.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned policy details and treatment options are subject to policy terms and conditions and at the underwriter’s discretion.

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