How can an Asthma Patient take care of Themselves While Staying Indoors?


How can an Asthma Patient take care of Themselves While Staying Indoors?

According to The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), asthma patients are more susceptible to get coronavirus. The COVID-19 affects the respiratory tract and can cause an asthma attack which may lead to pneumonia and acute respiratory disease in some cases. At present, there is no vaccine to prevent this deadly virus. The only way to prevent it is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Asthma patients must exercise extra caution during the spread of this virus. Patients suffering from asthma are advised to store medicines for long-term and take safety measures and ensure that they should receive vaccines. 

Asthma is a lung disease that narrows the airway passage that results in difficulty in breathing and coughing. This disease cannot be cured but can be managed if an individual takes proper precautions and treatment. 

Usually, asthma attacks are caused due to allergic reactions and can be taken care of by following these steps:

Bedroom: You spend most of your time in the bedroom while staying at your home. Hence, it gets important to make it allergy-friendly by improving air quality. Make sure to change beddings at least once in a week to avoid dust mites. You can use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture. Try allergy-proof covers on the pillows and mattresses. It is advised not to keep carpets and stuffed toys in your bedroom. 

Avoid smoking as well as second-hand smoking: It is very important to maintain the air quality inside the home. Asthma patients are advised not to smoke as it may lower the effectiveness of the medicines. Patients are advised to stay away from second-hand smoke as it may trigger the symptoms. 

Stress and anxiety: Individuals exposed to acute stress and anxiety may trigger asthma. Hence, it is advised to indulge in activities that relax your mood and make you content. 

Indulge in physical activity: Physical activity is crucial for asthma patients as it helps in strengthening the muscles and improves your immune system. With this practice, patients can easily control their asthma.

In a Nutshell

Storing medicines and using inhalers, patients are advised to consult their doctors for the requirement of a new dosage. As summers are already here, many patients are supposed to re-adjust their dosage. Therefore, it is advised to consult with the doctors. Doctors mostly recommend wearing N-95 masks and getting flu vaccines if even an individual feels that he or she is fit. 

Stay home and stay healthy.

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