Bone Fracture: Everything from First Aid and Treatment to Keeping Your Bones Healthy


Bone Fracture: Everything from First Aid and Treatment to Keeping Your Bones Healthy

One can understand how painful it can be to have a broken bone after a fall or injury. Older people, particularly, need to be careful as bones lose density, causing fragility as a person ages. Healthy bones can help you withstand a powerful impact. A bone fracture usually occurs when there is a high force impact on the bones. However, a fracture can also happen due to medical conditions, such as osteoporosis, and categorised under pathological fractures.

There are various types of fracture, such as an open fracture where the surrounding skin is also damaged or a closed fracture. A hairline fracture is a type of partial fracture of the bones that is difficult to detect. When there is a fracture, seeking timely medical attention is essential to avoid any complication.

First Aid and Treatment for Bone Fracture

The first thing to do is to call for emergency medical help for the treatment of fracture. If there is bleeding, you can apply gentle pressure to the wound with a bandage or clean cloth. Do not attempt to realign the bone. You can apply ice packs to reduce swelling and give relief from pain.

A physical examination will help a doctor identify the signs and symptoms and choose the right treatment. Usually, medical tests, such as X-ray and MRI, may be recommended. The bone fracture treatment works along with the body’s natural process of healing and focuses on ensuring the best function of the injured part after recovery. Generally, the injured bone area is immobilized for 2 to 8 weeks. Also, physical therapy would be necessary for restoring muscle strength and mobility. Surgery will be required in case there is any damage to the skin and tissues around the affected area. 

Understanding the Significance of Bone Health

The skeletal system of an adult comprises 206 bones, and it works together with the muscle system to provide support and aid movement. In younger people, new bones develop faster and replace the old ones broken down. The bone mass reaches the peak by the time as a person reaches 30 years of age.

There are a host of factors that can impact the bone health of an individual, and they include: 

  • Ageing: Bones tend to become thinner and weaker as we age. 
  • Diet: Having a diet low in calcium lowers bone density, leading to early loss of bone and risks of fractures.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco: Studies suggest that excess alcohol and tobacco use can weaken the bones. 
  • Family medical history: If osteoporosis runs in the family, it increases the risks for an individual. 
  • Lifestyle and eating disorders: Conditions such as anorexia increases the chances of bone loss. Similarly, lack of physical activity is linked to increased risks of osteoporosis. 
  • Gender: Researchers have also proven that women are likely to be at higher risk of osteoporosis than men. 

Bones are vital as they play the following crucial functions: 

  • Bone marrow is where the blood cells are produced 
  • Bones store calcium that is required for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles
  • They provide support and structure the body, and help in movement
  • The backbone protects the central nervous system

How to Keep Your Bones Strong?

Prevention is better than cure is an old saying that holds valid even today. The way to healthier bones begins with a nutritious diet. Consider including calcium-rich foods like dairy products in your diet. Further, vitamin D deficiency can cause bone-related problems. Getting adequate sunlight exposure is one of the best ways to replenish the lack of vitamin D in the body. Go for a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test to determine the present bone condition. It will help you understand what supplements and treatments you would require if there is any problem. 

Not to forget, exercises; doing some weight-bearing exercises like walking or jogging will add strength to your bones. One needs to adopt a holistic approach for achieving a healthy body, including the bones. We are all in a constant race with time, leading a fast-paced life. Youngsters and children especially are more physically active than older people, and hence at higher risks of injuries or fractures. One cannot ignore the chances of a trip or fall when moving around a cluttered space. So, it also hints at keeping your surroundings safe. Older people should also consider the health benefits of exercises and opt for activities to boost their bone strength and improve balance to avoid a fall.

To Sum Up

Any medical treatment, including bone fracture treatment, can unexpectedly lead to high expenditures and impact your budget. Besides, if you have an elderly family member at home who has pain in the joints, it might be a symptom of osteoarthritis, and you would need to visit the doctor for long-term treatment. 

Life is all about coping with the uncertainties. A wise approach to dealing with uncertainties like injuries is to choose a comprehensive family health insurance plan. It would cover a range of medical expenses and not just your hospital bills. It is a crucial decision you can make for the wellbeing of you and your loved ones. So, select a health today by visiting the official website of Care Health Insurance. 

Disclaimer: The information given in this article is only for reference purposes. Underwriting of claims for Bone Fracture is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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