Are Blood Tests Covered by Health Insurance?

Are Blood Tests Covered by Health Insurance?

From screening of the health status to diagnosis of current ailments, blood tests play a pivotal role. Be it for preventive health care or management of an on-going illness, blood tests are typically required. When talking about the importance of blood tests, you may be wondering if blood tests are covered by health insurance. Let us explain!

Blood tests reveal the behaviour of certain contents of your body like chemicals, proteins, and cells. These are quintessential for determining the overall functioning of the body and monitoring the progress of an on-going disease or its treatment.

Apart from these conditions, blood tests are also ideally advised at least once a year for everyone. It helps keep an eye on the functioning of your body and early detection of various health problems. In this article, we will discuss the importance and benefits of blood tests and the healthcare blood test coverage. Read on to understand the blood tests covered by insurance.

Types of Blood Tests

A blood test is a procedure of collecting blood samples and later testing them in a lab to identify the current health status of an individual. Before moving further with blood type tests covered by insurance, let's check the types of blood tests. There can be different types of blood tests aiming for different types of health screenings, like:

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

One of the most common types of blood tests is the CBC. It tests the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets for 10 different components.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

A CMP blood test is required to assess the metabolic markers in the body. Functions of essential organs like the kidney and liver are also assessed with CMP.

Lipid Profile

A lipid profile blood test is an assessment of the lipid markers of cardiovascular health. It checks levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.

Blood Glucose Tests

High blood sugar or diabetes has become a common health problem that also requires regular blood tests. It checks for the blood sugar levels in the body.

Thyroid Function Tests

Another common blood test is the thyroid function test to evaluate the conditions of thyroid glands in the body.

These are some of the commonly conducted blood tests, which are advised to everyone as part of their annual health check-ups.

Health Insurance with Annual Health Check-Ups: Covering Blood Tests

After reading about the common blood tests, now comes the essential question ‘Are blood tests covered by health insurance’. Read on to know does health insurance cover blood tests and its coverage under a health insurance plan.

Thankfully, health insurance plans with annual health check-ups usually cover the blood tests. However, the plan and the coverage may differ from one health insurance to another. At the time of purchasing the policy, make sure you have clarity on the blood tests covered by insurance.

Care Health Insurance offers coverage for blood tests. Some of our plans like Care Plus, Care Freedom, Super Mediclaim are designed with the in-built benefit of annual health check-ups including  blood tests. While some other plans offer it as an add-on such as Care Supreme and Care Advantage. This allows you to get the expenses covered for the listed tests. Here is the list of blood tests that are usually covered in a health plan with coverage for annual health check-ups:

  • Blood pressure tests
  • Blood sugar tests
  • Complete blood count
  • Kidney function test
  • Lipid profile
  • Vitamin deficiency examinations.

These are commonly covered blood tests. Apart from these, people suffering from certain ailments may have access to extended coverage for blood tests. Also, during hospitalisation, blood tests are usually done daily to assess the patient's health. Such expenses are also generally covered in a health insurance plan (up to a sub-limit) with in-patient hospitalisation coverage. You can connect with our insurance experts to get more information on health insurance plans with annual health check-up benefits.

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Benefits of Blood Test Coverage in Health Insurance Plans

Reading about the blood tests covered by insurance, one may think of the benefits of healthcare blood tests in a health insurance plan. Here are a few to mention:

1. Provides Financial Support

Blood tests, at times, can be expensive and may  impact your savings. Having a health plan with blood tests covered by insurance can act as financial support. Health insurance with annual health check-ups offers healthcare blood test coverage.

2. Helps in Early Detection of Diseases

Blood tests covered by insurance, not only support you financially from paying a hefty bill but also help in the early detection of many health problems With early diagnosis comes early treatment that increases the chances of quick recovery.

3. Helps in Staying Fit

Knowing your health is as important as knowing your bank balance. To stay updated on your health and stay fit, you need to know the functioning of your body. Blood tests are one way of keeping a tab on your overall health condition.

Importance of Blood Tests: When Do You Need it?

Not necessary only a sick person requires blood tests. Even healthy people should consider undergoing blood tests to keep a check on their health. Let’s know when a person is usually recommended blood tests:

1. Once in a Year

As a part of the routine check-up, blood tests like CBC, CMP, Lipid profile, blood sugar, and thyroid are usually recommended. Even if you are a healthy individual with no signs of health issues, you must go for an annual health check-up to stay updated on your health status.

2. Risk of a Certain Ailment

Some people may be at a higher risk of certain health conditions. For instance, genetic mutations may cause certain health issues. Such people must go for regular blood tests and screenings.

3. As a Part of a Treatment

People who are sick or receiving medical treatment are required to go for blood tests from time to time. For instance, diabetic people have to undergo blood tests to measure blood sugar levels every 3 months. 

4. Experiencing Symptoms of Sickness

Someone experiencing symptoms of health problems may be prescribed certain blood tests. It helps doctors  to diagnose your health status and proceed with the required treatment.

5. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a complete blood test may be done every few months. 

6. For a Fitness Plan

If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to create a fitness plan that best suits your health, getting blood tests done can help. You may be able to create a diet and fitness chart accordingly for the best results.

In Conclusion

An easy way to keep a check on your health status is to get certain blood tests done on a regular basis. From common health problems to critical illnesses, blood tests can help assess various health conditions. So, everyone, including the young and healthy, must go for annual health check-ups. With Care Health Insurance plans, you no longer have to stress over the annual health check-up expenses. All you need to do is to pick your ideal health insurance plan and take a step forward to a healthy you!

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter's discretion.

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