Boost your Health Insurance Coverage with Add-on Covers


Boost your Health Insurance Coverage with Add-on Covers

Choosing a health insurance policy that offers comprehensive protection against various expenses is a valuable decision. It will align you with your goals of securing your finances in a medical emergency. Also, the amount you would pay from your pocket is minimal, keeping you worry-free. It also means that you will get the flexibility to customise your individual health insurance policy that would involve selecting your preferred sum insured and opting for add-ons.

Add on covers in health insurance refer to the additional benefits that you choose with your base plan. They prove to be helpful if we consider the fact that there are a host of medical expenses one has to deal with in case of medical contingencies.

What are Add-on Benefits?

Add-ons are additional benefits or optional covers that a policyholder can choose when buying a health insurance policy or at the time of renewal, by paying an additional premium.

Here are some add-on covers you can choose to boost your health insurance coverage and maximise the benefits.

1. Daily Allowance+

Under this feature, the insurer provides cover for the additional cash expenses the policyholder might incur during the hospitalisation. The insured is eligible to get a fixed lump sum amount for a specified number of days per hospitalisation for the non-medical bills such as transport costs, attendant costs, and other expenses. These are expenses that can add up to a considerable amount and can burn a hole in the pocket. ‘Care’ by Care Health Insurance offers the benefit of Daily Allowance+ wherein the coverage is available for a maximum of 30 days in a policy year.

2. OPD Care

As part of any medical treatment, a person may incur expenses related to OPD consultations, diagnostics and medications. These can add up to a substantial amount, thus impacting one’s finances. Hence, one can opt for OPD care as an add-on benefit. The policyholder will have to apply for reimbursement claim. The coverage is provided up to a specified limit, subject to policy terms and conditions.

3. Unlimited Automatic Recharge

Health insurance plans have the feature of automatic recharge of sum insured. It is beneficial for a policyholder who does not need to worry if the sum insured gets exhausted within a policy year. In this feature, the entire sum insured is restored and would be available for future medical expenses. Usually, the automatic recharge feature is applicable once in a policy year. However, a person can choose the optional cover of unlimited automatic recharge where the sum insured will be reinstated unlimited times in one policy year. This way, one can stay worry-free, especially if there are substantial medical expenditures to meet.

To Sum Up

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, policyholders have a range of other add-on covers to choose. That includes OPD care, reduction in pre-existing disease waiting period, air ambulance cover, etc. It is essential to carefully assess one’s healthcare requirements and invest in comprehensive health policy. Additionally, going for such optional covers is a sensible move as it will give you an extra safety cushion in emergencies.

Now, you can buy a health insurance policy with the optional covers you prefer for your family. Visit our official website to choose a health policy. The online facility enables you to pay the premium digitally as well as keep track of your claim status.

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Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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