5 Best Ways to Prevent Respiratory Diseases


5 Best Ways to Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Lung Health

The declining air quality in many cities across India has led to respiratory diseases. Doctors of leading hospitals opine that many people are reporting symptoms of breathing disorders like Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), and cardiovascular diseases because of air pollution.

Moreover, getting treatment for such diseases without comprehensive health insurance in India could be an expensive affair. Working at the root level by taking suitable measures to prevent respiratory diseases is a wise idea.

Your lungs are as vital as your heart and other organs of the body. Constant exposure to pollutants will gradually decrease their strength and flexibility. To prevent that, make sure you adopt healthy habits and bring slight changes in your lifestyle. Here's a guide.

Say No to Smoking

Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of lung cancer and diseases like Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and COPD. Passive smoking too is harmful, and it has been linked to various respiratory illnesses in adults and children.

Thus, if you smoke, it's time you quit the habit. Encourage those around you who smoke to give up the habit, too.

Reduce Indoor Pollution

It is not just the air outside, but poor air quality indoors can also result in chronic respiratory problems and infections. Some sources of indoor pollution include carpets, paint products, dust mites, pets, household cleaning supplies, etc. Even gas stoves release carbon monoxide and other pollutants during cooking.

Make sure to keep your house well-ventilated and clean. Avoid these sources of pollution by using alternative options. Choose good indoor plants, activated charcoal and essential oils that serve as natural air purifiers.

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Eat Healthy

Include a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables to get the required antioxidants and nutrients. This will keep your immune system strong by keeping infections at bay. Sip on herbal teas and soups since a well-hydrated body will flush off the toxins.

Garlic is a miraculous ingredient that has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Add it to your meals often.

Exercise Regularly

Following an exercise regime is beneficial for the entire body. It is more so for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It boosts lung capacity. Also, exercise increases blood flow to the lungs, thereby sending more oxygen into the blood.

Practice deep breathing, which not only reduces stress but also improves lung function.

Furthermore, researchers have proven that exercising helps to strengthen the immune system and lowers the chances of developing heart diseases.

Take Preventive Steps

The lungs and nose, throat and windpipe collectively form the respiratory system. Do not ignore minor symptoms like cough or shortness of breath. It might be due to a common cold or a sign of a serious respiratory problem.

Make regular visits to the doctor. Go for health check-ups that help detect potential illness at an early stage, especially lung disease. Get the best family health insurance coverage, so you do not need to worry about the expenditure. Moreover, you get tax deduction on preventive health check-ups under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Choose a comprehensive insurance plan for your family which provides coverage for various medical expenses, even for hospitalization in case of a medical emergency.

The best mediclaim policy has features designed to provide complete coverage for the medical expenses incurred by you and your family. Pick a plan today and take preventive steps to keep respiratory diseases at bay.

Get health insurance plans for individual and family through Care Health Insurance and discover the convenience of easy claim settlement.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Kindly consult your general physician for verified medical advice. The health insurance benefits are subject to policy terms and conditions. Refer to your policy documents for more information.

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