4 Tips to Help Parents and Kids Manage the Pressure of Online Classes


4 Tips to Help Parents and Kids Manage the Pressure of Online Classes

Since the lockdown in India amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, several schools remain closed as a precautionary measure. In the current scenario, many parents have started to feel the pressure and demands of home schooling. Although online classes score over conventional classroom studies in many aspects, yet many families are finding it difficult to manage. And, it is quite understandable since this has been an unprecedented event as the uncertainties continue to loom large.

While in some parts of the world, schools have begun to reopen, the fear of the contagious virus in India continues to make parents and school authorities anxious. Hence, it might seem like an extended summer break for kids but adapting to a new e-learning environment is vital, as it is about their future after all. 

In this article, we aim to help parents and kids cope with the pressure of virtual classes by sharing some valuable tips.

Let Your Kids Plan Their Day

Amidst the new normal of attending tutorials and receiving homework online, it is also crucial for children to maintain a fixed schedule - the way they used to follow in normal times. It will help them quickly adjust whenever schools would reopen in the future. You can create a time table for them and set one-hour each for different subjects and school assignments. Let them stick to the same morning and bedtime schedule. Ensure they take their meals on time and get nutrition, so that will not affect their health and keep them energetic throughout the day. 

Take the Much-Needed Break

Staying at home, coupled with the pressure of online classes for kids, can become frustrating at some point. Hence, there is a greater need to relax and unwind. Schools encourage physical activities, so you should also ensure your kids take frequent breaks for some fun activities or games. Plan a list of activities such as reading, drawing, painting, art & craft, etc. Find some time to participate with them or involve them in the household chores that will help you bond with each other.  

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Set a Time for Screen Use

Computers or laptops at your home may be in use more frequently now that your kids are using them too. Planning the screen time for your family will help avoid any inconvenience for you or your kids. It will also ensure you get ample time to spend on other online activities like video games once the virtual classroom session is over.

Socalise Alongside Social Distancing

People still need to avoid travelling unnecessarily as the fight against the virus is far from over. Look at this time as an opportunity to get creative and find ways to socialise. There are various platforms such as Zoom, Whatsapp, and Google Hangouts that will enable your kids to find friends and build a virtual group they can connect. It is also a chance for you to interact with other parents and share your learnings.


The present situation, considering the risks and symptoms of coronavirus disease and the hectic lifestyle, may test your patience levels. However, keeping some faith and looking at the bright side always goes a long way. The new schedule of online classes benefits students in more ways than one. More importantly, learning from home ensures their education is not hampered and that they remain in the safe home environment as schools continue to be shut due to the pandemic.

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