8 Tips for Buying the Best Maternity Insurance Online


8 Tips for Buying the Best Maternity Insurance Online

Bringing a new life into the world is a life-changing journey for women. But with the rising medical inflation, delivery-related expenses have become burdensome for expecting parents. Without proper planning, you may have to bear costly childbirth. Thus, making financial and healthcare provisions with suitable maternity cover is an essential step. However, you must plan well in advance, as maternity health insurance policies usually have a long waiting period. In this article, know more about the important things you should keep in mind while buying a maternity insurance policy.

Coverage and Sub Limits

The most important thing to consider is the coverage of maternity benefits and sub-limits involved under normal and cesarean deliveries. Choose a maternity medical policy that offers optimum maternity coverage and sub-limits as per your requirements.

Waiting Period

Generally, most maternity insurance policies involve an extended waiting period. Therefore, you should choose a maternity health cover with a minimum waiting period. To avoid waiting for a long period, you should buy the policy well in advance.

Pre and Post-hospitalization Expenses

Another important feature to look for is coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses. It supports your healthcare finances required for routine hospital visits and medications. So, ensure that your maternity cover offers at least 30-days pre and 60-days post-hospitalization expenses. 

Pre and Post-delivery Expenses

This is another important coverage, which covers childcare expenses, including doctor's consultation charges and the cost of medicine. Make sure that your maternity insurance policy also covers these delivery-related expenses.

Vaccination Cover

A newborn’s vaccination is mandatory for protecting them against many dangerous diseases. The right maternity insurance provides coverage for vaccination expenses as well. Therefore, choose a maternity policy that offers extra care for your baby without draining your savings. 

Policy Exclusions

Before buying a maternity health policy, you should also check for its exclusions. Usually, non-allopathic treatment costs, expenses due to self-injury or alcoholism, cost of spectacles, lenses, dental treatment, congenital diseases, etc., are not covered under a pregnancy policy. You should choose a maternity insurance policy that has the least number of exclusions.

Cashless Hospitalization Coverage

Always choose a policy that offers a cashless hospitalization facility. It ensures you do not burden your pockets during emergency hospitalization. All medical, surgical, and treatment bills are to be paid by the insurance provider directly to the network hospital.


Premium is the amount you have to pay to the insurer regularly in return for insurance services. You can calculate the premium with the help of an online premium calculator available on our website. This way, you can opt for a maternity insurance policy that will protect you from financial losses while supporting your budget with affordable premium payouts. 

Health insurance plans with maternity benefits come with various important terms and conditions. And coverage can vary from insurer to insurer. Care Health Insurance offers a comprehensive health insurance policy wherein you get maximum coverage at an affordable premium. So, ensure the right coverage for your life’s most demanding time with- JOY- one of the best maternity covers by Care Health Insurance.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference only. Please read the policy terms carefully to verify policy coverage and refer to IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

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