World Kidney Day 2020: 6 Health Tips to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease


World Kidney Day 2020: 6 Health Tips to Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidneys play an important role in removing impurities from the blood and other waste products from our body. Kidney ailments occur when the kidneys are unable to perform their normal functions. Long-term damage due to causes like uncontrolled diabetes, heart problems or infections can lead to chronic kidney disease in a person. The condition when the organ completely stops working is known as kidney failure.

Getting treatment for kidney ailments, especially for medical procedures like dialysis, can result in a lot of expenditure. Buying disease-specific Critical Illness Insurance becomes a necessity as the healthcare costs are increasing.

Health experts strongly suggest preventive measures in order to avoid the onset of kidney-related ailments.

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On this World Kidney Day, we tell you some easy ways to manage your health and prevent kidney diseases.

1.Maintain Blood Sugar Level

A constant level of high blood sugar in the body can cause serious damage to various organs of the body including kidneys. The damage happens because kidneys are required to work harder for filtering the blood. Through early detection of diabetes and taking suitable measures to avoid the worsening of the condition can help in protecting the kidneys from any damage.

2.Monitor Heart Health

Controlling high blood pressure is essential as hypertension can lead to kidney ailments in the long run. One should be extra careful if there is a family medical history of heart problems. It is, therefore, necessary to take care of one’s heart health through diet control and exercises.

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3.Have Healthy Foods

Have meals that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as green leafy vegetables and fibers – that are good for the kidneys. Avoid the intake of food items with excess phosphorus content like red meat and dairy products. Also, minimize the amount of salt you consume as it will help in controlling high blood pressure. With all these food items, a diet chart for kidney patients is highly essential to avoid worsening of their condition.

4.Drink Adequate Water

Lack of adequate water-intake causes dehydration and reduced urine output - which is among the various symptoms for kidney problems. Dehydration impacts the normal blood flow to kidneys. Since water is a vital component to help cleanse our system, remember to drink plenty of water. Kidneys need water to filter and flush out the toxins in the form of urine.

5.Quit Smoking and Alcohol Use

Excess consumption of alcohol and smoking can raise blood pressure. When a person smokes, the normal flow of blood to the kidneys gets reduced. Hence, one should avoid these habits which are responsible for affecting the normal kidney function.

6.Go for Regular Check-Ups

If you are facing high risks of kidney ailments, say due to family medical history, you must go for regular medical check-ups. Kidney function tests are recommended for people above 60 years of age or people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. 

To Summarise

Apart from having the best foods for the kidney, staying physically activity is also recommended for maintaining blood pressure and reducing excess body weight. These preventive measures are helpful in preventing kidney failure or delaying its onset.

Further, opting for health insurance is essential to reduce the cost burden that arises from expensive medication, health check-ups and other medical procedures for kidney patients.

To help minimize the burden of expensive medical procedures, Care Health Insurance offers Critical Illness Insurance cover for 32 life-threatening diseases including End-Stage Renal Failure.

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