Women's Health: How to Deal with Stress During Breast Cancer Treatment


Women's Health: How to Deal with Stress During Breast Cancer Treatment

Dealing with breast cancer is as challenging as facing a war on physical and emotional fronts. Breast cancer treatment changes the look and physical appearance of the patients' for some duration. Due to the harsh effects of chemotherapies, radiotherapies, or surgery, it becomes difficult to manage usual activities and responsibilities. Even the treatment phase may also affect relationships. The body needs treatment, so do the heart and mind to maintain the emotional and physical equilibrium. 

Ways to Deal with Stress 

So, for all brave souls, below are ways to deal with stress during the treatment to empower this journey:

Never Lose Hopes: Breast cancer stages differ from female to female, so never lose hope. The treatment of cancer today has improved dramatically, and most of the breast cancers types are treatable if diagnosed timely. Be a part of breast cancer programs and learn more about it. 

Emotional Imbalance is Normal: Anxiety, fear, stress, and emotional imbalance expected during the treatment phase. There are millions of females in India facing even the worst. So, do not get afraid and trust your doctors and loved ones.

No Need to Feel Guilty: You should not look back and wonder why breast cancer caught you. You wonder if somehow you could have prevented breast cancer causes. However, it can happen due to various reasons that may be under not your control.

Be With Family: Believe it, your family and friends are your biggest strength during this challenging journey. It will help if you sit with them, chat, discuss your problems, eat with them, and spend time together. It reduces your stress.

Trust the Doctor:  Do not believe in breast cancer myths. Search the best Oncologosit and ask whatever questions you have in your mind. The doctor can provide explanations in terms of breast cancer causes and treatment. You should trust your doctor and go ahead with the breast cancer treatment plan. However, always open to a second opinion as well. 

Eat Right: Once you start the treatment, you should get your diet plan from a dietician. Eat the right amount of protein, calcium, and fat helps you build your immune system and reduces cancerous cells' growth.

Yoga and Meditation: Do yoga, or take a walk, light exercise, or do another physical activity that keeps your organs active. You can also do meditation that gives peace to your body and mind.

Recreational Activities: You can join some online hobby classes, watch movies, learn new forms of dancing, learn to play musical instruments, painting, or any activity that give you a sense of pleasure and divert your mind. Also, you can be a part of different cancer awareness programms. 

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Life is full of uncertainties, so you should always stay prepared. If you have health insurance, you do not need to think twice about the treatment. Care Health Insurance offers Cancer Mediclaim Policy that is a savior to the patients. It covers treatment costs along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy expenses (subject to policy terms and conditions). You will get a financial cushion during a medical emergency and avail of the best cancer treatment without financial worries. Therefore, do not jump to the conclusion; cancer diagnosis does not mean the end of life. With the right treatment, balanced diet, and comprehensive mediclaim, you can win this battle and live your life worry-free.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for breast cancer is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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