What Are The Stages of Hypertension And How You Can Control It?


what are the stages of hypertension and how you can control it

Hypertension is a major health issue that is prevalent in both rural and urban areas. This condition mainly occurs when the blood flows through the blood vessels with extreme force. 

The blood pressure is measured in two numbers:

  • The upper number: It measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart pumps (Systolic pressure)
  • The lower number: It assesses the pressure in the arteries between beats (Diastolic pressure)

In this article, we tell you about various stages of hypertension and how you can control this condition.

Stages of hypertension

The measurement of blood pressure is divided as follows:

1.Normal reading:

A normal reading would be below 120/80 mmHg and higher than 90/60 mmHg for an adult. 

An individual with normal reading needs no medical attention.

2.Increased blood pressure:

Reading above than 120/80 mmHg is considered a warning signal and an individual needs to adopt healthy habits for their heart health. 

If the systolic pressure is between 120 and 129 mmHg and the diastolic pressure is lower than 80 mmHg, it means that you have increased blood pressure. 

3.Hypertension Stage 1:

An individual is diagnosed with hypertension if the systolic blood pressure is between 80 and 89 mm Hg. This is known as stage 1 hypertension. In this condition, the medical practitioner may help an individual to assess and track the severity of this condition.

4.Hypertension Stage 2:

This stage is a severe condition as the blood pressure ranges at 140/90 mmHg or above. In this condition, the doctor may recommend the patient to a combination of medicines and certain changes in lifestyle. 

5 Effective Ways to Lower Hypertension

Uncontrolled hypertension may lead to severe ailments such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart failure. Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in controlling this condition.

Mentioned below are 5 foolproof ways to control your hypertension:

1. Exercise regularly:

Exercising regularly helps in making your heart strong and improves blood circulation, thereby lowers your pressure in the arteries. Make sure you walk for at least 30 minutes a day. This will not only reduce your blood pressure but will also boost your heart health.

2.Reduce the intake of salt:

Reducing some amount of salt in your diet can reduce your blood pressure by 5 to 6mm. Try to avoid taking processed foods and include fresh food in your diet. Increase the intake of food that is rich in potassium such as bananas and green vegetables.

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3.Learn to manage stress:

Stress is the main cause of high blood pressure. If you are stressed for a longer period, you are more likely to get into the habit of drinking alcohol and taking an unhealthy diet. This may affect your blood pressure negatively. Hence, you may listen to calm music as it will help in relaxing your nervous system. Take breaks in between work as working for long hours may tend to increase your blood pressure.

4. Stop smoking:

The chemicals found in the cigarette are known to harm your blood vessels and raise your heart rate. Smoking causes an increase in the blood pressure that may damage your blood vessels and narrow your arteries.

5.Detox from caffeine:

Drinking coffee may increase blood pressure up to 10mm Hg in individuals who rarely drink coffee. While regular coffee drinkers may experience some or no effect on their blood pressure.

Bottom Line

With the advent of a sedentary lifestyle, hypertension is on the rise. Therefore, it gets necessary to invest in a health insurance plan that can help you in saving medical costs.

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