8 Things to Love About Being Pregnant


8 Things to Love About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is an amazing experience in a woman’s life, but it can also be challenging!

For most women, pregnancy does not conjure up images of a cheery cheek woman dancing in a floral gown in the middle of a lush grassy field. Pregnancy can be exhausting. Amidst the morning sickness, weight gain, and achy back, there are some incredible and wonderful things that women experience while pregnant. If you are expecting and having a bad day, here are eight not-so-serious reasons and good reasons to cherish your pregnancy.

1. Love and Attention

For sure- You are the centre of ATTRACTION!

Most individuals will make an effort to be nice to you when they hear you are pregnant. People will suddenly treat you like royalty, hold doors open, allow you to bypass long queues, and offer their seats for you. Your mother will make dinners, and your better half will adjust your pillow and rub your back. All of a sudden, everyone will view you differently—in a different manner. Because you are pregnant, it seems somewhat as though you are wearing an unseen halo around your head. Take advantage of your short-lived fame by being yourself. When the baby arrives, all eyes will be on you, so make the most of these experiences while you can.

2. Legitimate Excuse

Too worn out? You are expecting. You don’t want to go somewhere? You are expecting. Making a second takeout order at home? You are expecting. Do you need to get comfortable? You are expecting. Feel free to do whatever you want without hesitation. Well, you are pregnant. A growing bump gives you the ideal justification for practically everything, including skipping household chores. With a simple “I don’t feel like doing it,” you can simply say ‘No’ to household tasks; you won’t even have to take out the trash. It’s also the perfect justification for pampering yourself more. Take up long, fragrant showers and calming massages!

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3. Good Hair & Skin

If you have had adult acne, your skin will suddenly look immaculate. The reason for the rosy glow during pregnancy is an increase in blood volume, which allows for greater oxygenation and circulation of the skin. So, go ahead and boldly hashtag #nofilter in a lot of selfies that you proudly post on your social media profiles.

Additionally, your hair will be thick, luscious, and shining because pregnancy causes you to lose fewer hairs, giving the appearance of larger tresses. Enjoy it while you can because, sadly, this will all end when you lose a good amount of hair a few months postpartum.

4. More Sleep

Fatigue is one of the signs of pregnancy, so you will probably be nodding off while watching any movie or web series. When you are expecting, your body’s natural water content rises by 6 to 8 litres, and your blood volume rises by 50%. You can become exhausted from carrying all that excess fluid around, along with the extra weight you put on. Take advantage of extra nap time or relax by binge-watching your favourite series. The added benefit is that you will have more vivid dreams, thanks to hormones! That will unquestionably be interesting to discuss.

5. A Happier You

During pregnancy, mood swings can be quite extreme; you might feel happy one minute and angry the next. Even though there will be tough days, once you are happy, you are pretty much up! You will walk with a beam, joy in your move, and smile broadly. You will be astonished by what your body is capable of. You are, after all, nurturing a child inside of you. You will feel like Superhero for having this amazing procreative capacity.

6. A New Connection

Nothing compares to initially experiencing your unborn child’s heartbeat and realising that life is blossoming inside you. Your heart may skip a beat or quiver each time you hear that sound because your affection for your child is growing, and you are even more in connection with it.

Your recollections of your baby’s adorable little flutters and movements will probably last a lifetime. Many women have expressed the sentiment that they miss the sensation of their unborn child moving within them. There is nothing deeper than the relationship you share with your child.

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7. Growing Relationship

This is a crucial period in your life when your relationship with your companion can transform. Together, you two have made something that is growing quickly inside of you. This little child, who is made up of equal halves of you and your partner, will always be a part of your lives! Actually, it’s a blessing. Enjoy the thrill and the affection. Talk about what you anticipate as parents and express your sentiments to each other. Your connection can soar to new heights at this point!

8. Shopping for Two

If you enjoy shopping, being pregnant gives you one more excuse to go shopping or at least buy online. Now you are shopping for two people! You need to set up the nursery, get new maternity clothes, buy the things your family members and friends won’t be giving you, and a few adorable things that you simply can’t resist buying. There is also the fact that many mothers claim to enjoy shopping for their children more than for themselves.

This justification for loving your pregnancy serves more as a prompt to express the happiness you are experiencing. Of course, this period can also be emotionally and physically trying times. But if you keep your attention on the perks of being pregnant, the downsides of those nine months will be forgotten. Besides taking care of your emotional and physical well-being, don’t forget to secure your financial well-being. Get Maternity Health Insurance Plan by Care Health Insurance to cover your delivery-related expenses. Well, as we all know, maternity comes with additional expenses, so it's better to plan your finances beforehand. 

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