Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy During Pregnancy


tips to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy

Morning sickness, cravings for icecreams, chocolates, mood swings, weight gain are some of the common problems that most of the women experience during their journey to motherhood. But, questions such as, how much weight should I put on? should I eat for two now? How will I lose that pregnancy fat? Pop into their minds. Here are some healthy pregnancy tips that give a full stop to all such queries and make you look and feel the best when your baby arrives in your world.

Start with Prenatal Care

The moment you find out that you will be a mommy soon, contact your Gynecologist and start with prenatal care. Schedule your first prenatal visit and ask whatever questions scorching your mind. Take the advice and, from diet to medicines, plan all the things for a healthy pregnancy.

Follow Exercise Regime

If you are new to exercise, you should start with 10 minutes walk every day and gradually make it 30 minutes till you reach your first trimester. Moreover, you can also do some easy yoga asanas, low impact aerobics, or stationary cycling. To add some fun, you can do easy Zumba dance steps on your favorite dance numbers. Following an exercise regime during pregnancy can improve health, reduce the risk of weight gain, and makes delivery easy. 

Stop-Eat for two Notion

During pregnancy, you often heard from your mom or grandmom that you should eat for two. But it is not valid.  You do not need to eat extra to nourish your baby. All you should do is to eat in moderation and often. So, get your diet chart from your dietician and pick the food with maximum nutritional value that keeps you stuffed and healthy.  Also, you can take some light snacks between your meals.

Learn Stress Management

Bringing a new life into this world is not at all easy. For females prenatal journey is nerve-wracking. They have to undergo many physical and mental changes. But it would help if you learned about stress management. So, you should invest some time in taking care of your emotional well-being. Do meditation, listen to soothing music, chat with your near and dear ones, watch your favorite movies, and feel positive. Additionally, do not overthink about delivery expenses if you already have maternity health insurance before you conceived. 

Do Enough of rest

If you are a working woman, then you should try to maintain a work-life balance. Avoid unnecessary work stress. Do enough rest and try to take a good night's sleep. Follow some relaxation techniques, such as yoga or a warm bath before bedtime. If you are unable to sleep at night, try resting more during the daytime. 

Opt for Maternity Health Insurance

The day you decide that you want to enter into the motherhood, opt for health insurance that covers maternity. It not only covers your pre and postnatal expenses but also gives you a sense of peace. You can consult with the best gynecologists and can easily afford advanced healthcare for yourself and your baby. Care Health Insurance offers Joy -comprehensive maternity health insurance. It gives pregnancy health insurance coverage , including delivery expenses, with new born baby cover for 90 days after delivery. So, your physical and emotional health is essential to the health of your baby. Follow these healthy pregnancy tips, opt for Joy and start your journey of motherhood with happiness.