These Smart Lifestyle Changes Will Lower Your Cholesterol Levels


These Smart Lifestyle Changes Will Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Manage Bad Cholesterol - Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol Levels

We are often reminded, through the television commercials, that the best cooking oil is the one which is healthy for the heart. Certain food products contain saturated fats that can raise cholesterol levels. A waxy substance produced by the liver, Cholesterol is mainly of two types – the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or ‘good cholesterol’ and the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or ‘bad cholesterol’. Excess presence of bad cholesterol can cause fatty deposits in the arteries leading to health risks. 

Dealing with a heart ailment can be stressful both physically and financially. There are health insurance plans with specific cover for heart ailments that can significantly curtail the burden of medical expenses. 

Furthermore, we must take proper measures to fight potential heart problems by effectively managing our diet and lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Given below are certain useful tips to lower cholesterol levels naturally.

Cut Down Saturated Fats

Dairy products such as milk, butter, cream, ghee, and yogurt are high in fats. Similarly, certain animal products and processed meat are also sources of harmful fats. The first step to lowering your cholesterol levels is to control your intake of saturated fats.

Consume Healthy Fats

Certain food items are good sources of healthy fats that are essential for the body. For instance, For cooking and salad dressing, switch to olive oil which is known to reduce the inflammatory effects of the bad cholesterol. Besides, rice bran oil and sunflower oil can also be used for cooking as they have cholesterol-lowering properties. Cheese, whole eggs and fish are also sources of healthy fats especially omega-3 fatty acids.

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Have Fibre-rich Diet

Fresh fruits and nuts are good food sources that aid in lowering bad cholesterol. Avocados, apples, citrus fruits, oatmeal, salads, and chia seeds contain high fiber content that would be beneficial for the heart. Other options include whole grains, barley, beans, and legumes contain soluble fiber that lowers the LDL.

Add Spices in your Diet

Certain spices such as cinnamon, garlic, curcumin, ginger, black pepper, and coriander are great ingredients to add flavor to your meals. But did you know these food items have excellent cholesterol-reducing qualities? Studies have proven that consuming one garlic clove daily can significantly bring down bad cholesterol levels.

Exercise Regularly

Make physical fitness a priority as that will not just help you deal with bodyweight issues but also reduce LDL while lowering the HDL. Opt for aerobics and resistance training workouts. Weight loss has been linked to the lowering of bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels. In addition, leading a stress-free life and engaging in laughter therapy can be pivotal in maintaining the right levels of cholesterol in the body.

The time your body would take to bring down the bad cholesterol levels would depend on the extent of cholesterol levels, your family medical history and any pre-existing medical condition like diabetes. It is, however, advisable to rigorously follow a simple lifestyle as mentioned above for desired results. This is why you can keep illness at bay.

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