Suffering from ENT Problems? Tips to Protect Your Ears, Tongue, and Nose


suffering from ent problems tips to protect your ears tongue and nose

Human beings have six senses- sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and an extrasensory perception that holds a vital survival-based premise. They help you to understand and navigate your life ahead. But, the most potent combination is of ears, tongue, and nose (ENT). Their collective medical study is known as Otolaryngology. They not only help you to live a healthy life but also give you a sense of pleasure. They are the delicate organs and need some extra care to function properly.  So, if you are facing any ENT problems? You should not ignore it. It can become severe ailments if not treated timely.

How to Take Care of Your Senses- Ears, Tongue, and Nose

These organs are sensitive; you should not use toothpicks, safety pins, or bobby pins to clean the external auditory canal. They can damage the tympanic membrane (eardrum) or cause wax (cerumen) or injure the tissues. Here are some more essential tips to protect your ears, tongue, and nose: 

  • It's good to clean your ears during the shower.  You can take a clean corner of a moistened washcloth and rotate gently into the ear.
  • Use a cotton-tipped applicator to clean the pinna.
  • Never forget to clean your hearing aid and learn the right insertion technique and store it properly.
  • Do not share your hearing device with anyone. It can increase the chances of ear infection.
  • Always keep the volume moderate; too loud volume can damage your hearing power.
  • Suppose you experience any pain, mucus, hearing loss, etc.immediatley contact the ENT specialist. You should not worry about the cost of ENT treatments. Several treatments cover under daycare treatments in health insurance.
  • Do not allow any secretion to jam your nostrils. You can gently blow it and wash it off. 
  • Avoid harsh blowing; it causes pressure and injures your eardrum, nasal mucosa, and even sensitive eye structures.
  • Do not insert the applicator beyond the cotton tip. If your nostrils are blocked, and you have a continuous cold or running nose problem, then visit ENT doctors. They use a saline moistened washcloth or cotton-tipped applicator to clean your nostrils.
  • Take steam every day and breathe in fresh air to reduce the chances of sinusitis. 
  • You can also do anulom-vilom yoga asana to breathe healthily.
  • Clean your tongue daily with a smooth tongue cleaner. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated 

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Hopefully, the above information helps you to understand how you can keep your senses perfect. Moreover, do you know Care-the comprehensive family health policy offered by us covers several ENT problems in daycare treatments? Yes! We provide coverage for treatment and medication expenses so that you can sense well and live a healthy life. 

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for ENT problems is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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