Selecting the Best Family Floater Health Insurance


Selecting the Best Family Floater Health Insurance

The healthcare needs of every Indian family vary. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your health insurance wisely. If you are single and do not have many responsibilities, go for an individual health policy, but if you have a family to take care of, prefer family floater insurance. It is the policy that is explicitly designed to cover a maximum of six members of the same family under a single policy. Here you can read how you can select it?

Family's Healthcare Needs: Opt for the plan that adequately covers your family's healthcare needs. Do not choose the policy just because your known opted for it. 

Number of Family Members: If your family has more than two members, look for the plan covering the maximum number of family members.

Comprehensive Coverage: Choose the policy that gives comprehensive coverage to all the insured members for in-patient hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization, medication, diagnosis, AYUSH treatment, advanced surgeries, and more.

Corona Coverage: If you are worried about corona these days, opt for the plan that offers coverage for COVID-19 also to your family members. It will be a big sigh of relief.

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Network Hospitals: For cashless hospitalization, admission to network hospitals is mandatory. Opt for the policy that offers you a vast network of cashless healthcare providers. 

Sum Insured: Different plans have different Sum Insured. You can choose the amount that according to your budget. But make sure it is sufficient to meet your family's present and future medical care needs. 

Consider Past Medical History: Some diseases are hereditary and can create problems for other family members. It is better to opt for the plan while considering your family's past medical history. 

Coverage for Pre-existing Diseases: Hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, etc., are pre-existing diseases. If any of your family members has a pre-existing illness, opt for the plan that offers coverage to treat these diseases. 

Look for Higher CSR: Choose the health insurance policy from the company with higher CSR. It ensures timely and hassle-free claim settlement.

Check the Waiting Period: Health policies have a waiting period, opt for the plan with a minimum waiting period to avail timely claims. You can also get the optional cover to reduce the waiting period for pre-existing diseases. 

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Compare Premium: The health insurance premium calculator available on our official website helps you calculate the premium and compare it to choose the policy at an affordable price. 

Check Exclusions: Exclusions are the diseases, procedures, conditions, treatments that are not admissible under the policy. Check them carefully and opt for the plan with minimal exclusions.

Read Terms and Conditions: Before making your final decision, read terms and conditions carefully to avoid last-minute chaos and ensure hassle-free claim settlement.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Health Insurance

If you want to make the best out of the family health insurance policy, avoid these mistakes:

  • Never hide any information related to your family members' past medical history or pre-existing diseases
  • Do not induce with false promises; read fine prints carefully.
  • Never forget to use the health insurance premium calculator to get the right quote
  • Do not overlook the policy exclusions, co-payment, and sub-limits
  • Do not forget to ask for online discounts on a health insurance policy
  • Never hesitate to reach the customer support team for any query

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which health insurance is best for a family?

Care health insurance is the most comprehensive health policy for a family.

How many members can I include in the family floater?

You can include a maximum of six family members under a family floater plan.

Can all the insured members get a cashless hospitalization facility under a family floater?

Yes, all the insured family members will get a cashless hospitalization facility up to the Sum Insured.

Can I opt for health insurance for my family online?

Yes, you can easily opt for our family floater online while visiting our official website. 

Family is everything for us. That is why it is wise to opt for the family health insurance policy that offers complete coverage like Care Health Insurance. Get it today and give your family a secured and healthy life. 

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