7 Ways to Maximise Your Family’s Health Insurance Benefits


7 Ways to Maximise Your Family’s Health Insurance Benefits

Your family’s greatest win is a healthy lifestyle and financial security. While following a healthy routine is in your hands, a financial crunch can hit you without notice. Especially during medical emergencies– the burden of financial responsibilities multiplies uncontrollably. That’s where the right health insurance plan for family comes to the rescue. 

With coverage for hospitalisation expenses, daycare treatments, and advanced medical procedures, a family health policy ensures maximum financial support. Yet, you might not be aware of certain special benefits of health insurance policy that you can avail of for your family’s security. 

In this article, we bring you expert tips to secure your family with the maximum health and financial security benefits. 

When and Why Do You Need a Family Health Insurance Policy?

Given a family’s tight budget, a health emergency would be the last thing you want to deal with. What’s worse is the rising cost of medical treatment and services– especially in the metro cities. For a family’s caretakers, it is important to safeguard their loved ones under a common family plan for the following reasons:

Ideal for Small or Nuclear Families: 

It is best to choose medical insurance for family when you have a 3 or 4-member household. This way, you can save on individual healthcare expenses while covering all the standard medical needs of the family. 

Easy Payments with a Single & Affordable Premium: 

One of the best parts about family plans is that you pay a common premium to secure the healthcare expenses of multiple members. This way, you eliminate the hassle of maintaining multiple health policies and paying multiple premium amounts. 

Customisable Benefits For Every Member: 

Given the different age groups in your family, their healthcare needs can differ. For instance, adults in their 30s need protection from critical illnesses, while children need standard medical coverage. Under our health insurance plans for family, you can easily customise the family covers to meet every member’s medical needs. 

7 Tips to Make the Most of Your Family Health Insurance Plan 

While buying medical covers for your family is easy, choosing the right option becomes challenging. On top of it, you need the right coverage that benefits every family member. Here are the top 7 tips to help you get the maximum family health insurance benefits:

Choose the Suitable Sum Insured Option

For a family of 4 members – including parents and teenage children – the ideal health insurance coverage should start from 7 lakh in sum insured. If you need to add more members, you can choose a higher sum insured amount of up to 15 lakh. 

The thumb rule is to have enough financial security to cover the medical expenses of at least 2 family members at a time. This ensures maximum coverage for all insured family members.  

Add Members Based on Their Age

Ideally, you should choose a family plan for a maximum of four members with children in growing years of age. This ensures an affordable premium payout as the cost of a family plan depends on the eldest member’s age. 

Also, to ensure adequate coverage for each member, you should avoid adding senior citizens or members aged 50+ to a family plan. Always choose a separate mediclaim for senior citizens. 

Ensure Unlimited Recharge of Sum Insured

When choosing the best family health insurance plans, do not miss out on unique benefits like– ‘Unlimited Automatic Recharge of Sum Insured’. This benefit ensures you never run out of emergency funds while promising quality healthcare services to all the family members. 

Check for Bonus– Claim or Not

Given the rising medical treatment cost in India, it is essential to increase your emergency funds and security simultaneously. That’s why you need a family health plan that increases your sum insured amount– no matter if you raise an insurance claim or not. 

At Care Insurance, we bring you one of the best family health insurance plans – ‘Care Supreme’ – offering a guaranteed cumulative bonus of 50% in a policy year, up to a maximum of 100%. What’s more— you can increase your sum insured by as much as 500% by opting for an add-on benefit of ‘Cumulative Bonus Super’. 

Customise the Coverage with Add-on Benefits

Customising the benefits is another useful way of getting the most out of your health insurance policy for family. For instance, you can add add-on benefits like ambulance cover, annual health check-ups, and wellness benefits. Even for critical illness plans, you can add age-specific benefits like a reduction in the PED wait period or air ambulance to meet the medical needs of insured members. 

Grab Discounts with Multi-year Policy

Savings are the top priority, when it comes to protecting your family. With Care Insurance Family Plans, you can save big on family health plans with up to 10% multi-year policy discounts and/or 5% discounts on digital purchases– as specified in the policy. This is our way of promising reliable healthcare coverage to your family at affordable prices. 

Consider Individual Coverage for Critical Illnesses

At times, you struggle to cover all the family members under a single plan due to the difference in coverage needed. To help you, we offer health plans wherein you can insure your up to 6 family members on an individual basis. 

For instance, to protect your family members against critical diseases like cancer, stroke, etc., you can choose our Critical Illness Insurance cover for the family on an individual basis. This means that each family member will enjoy complete coverage of the sum insured and other policy benefits separately. However, family policies on an individual basis may impact premium payouts and policy terms. 

Securing Your Loved Ones with Care Insurance

Your family is your biggest asset— and to safeguard this asset for a lifetime, we offer comprehensive health insurance plans for family. Our policies offer superior and unique benefits to ensure quality medical care for your entire family with a lifetime renewability option. Our in-house claims and query team help you in securing the family with the best family health insurance benefits. So, choose Care Insurance to keep your family stress-free from the fear of unexpected medical emergencies and their treatment expenses. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference; kindly verify the policy terms and conditions before buying any plan.


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