Manage Asthma to Prevent a Heart Disease


Manage Asthma to Prevent a Heart Disease

Are Asthma Patients more prone to Heart Disease?

Bronchial asthma is the most common illness among the many chronic respiratory diseases affecting lakhs of people in India. Health experts suggest that people with asthma face an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and stroke.

Dealing with an illness is difficult especially when healthcare costs are rising steadily. Medical insurance plans prove to be excellent financial support as they offer coverage for various medical expenses.

Asthma and heart disease may seem unrelated yet there is a link between them that must be understood to ensure effective control over your health. The discomfort of the chest is a symptom that may confuse a person as it can happen in asthmatic patients as well as those having heart problems.

Let us together understand why asthma patients are more prone to heart disease.

The Reason why Asthma can lead to Heart Disease

Researchers have found a link between Asthma as well as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and heart risks. There are various theories to establish a link between the two diseases. Firstly, owing to genetic factors, asthmatic patients tend to develop heart-related problems. The second theory talks about inflammation. Both diseases have been linked to chronic inflammation. While in heart diseases, it causes the arteries to harden, in asthma it results from swelling of the airways.

Other possible factors include obesity. Excess body weight increases the risks of developing asthma as well as heart problems. Some studies have also shown that asthma can make the left ventricle of the heart to thicken and enlarge, thus leading to heart ailments. The left ventricle is the chamber of the heart that pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body.

Asthma is a condition characterized by tightening of the muscles around airways resulting in wheezing and breathing difficulty. Doctors opine that any condition where there is inadequate oxygen in the blood may raise the risks of a heart attack. In case there is a blockage in the coronary arteries, the same effect is seen.

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Tips to Deal with Asthma Attack

For treating asthma, doctors often recommend Metered Dose Inhalers which are quick acting and provide instant relief from chest tightness and breathing restrictions. It is crucial for asthma patients to carry their inhalers all the time in order to be prepared during an asthma attack.

When it comes to preventing or managing asthma, it is highly important to recognize and control the trigger factors. Some common trigger factors include smoking, dust, allergens, chemicals, extreme weather conditions, stress, etc. At the time of an asthma attack, it is essential to do the following things:

  • Sitting upright and taking deep breaths. Avoid lying down as it can cause constrictions of the airways.
  • Keeping calm as stress or anxiety can lead to tightening of the chest muscles.
  • Consuming hot beverage that will provide relief to the constricted muscles.

Treating any ailment requires planning for the additional expenditure especially heart-related ailments require specialized medical care. Therefore one must choose a good health plan that offers adequate coverage for a host of medical expenses.

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