Making Healthy Eating Fun Tips for Parents


Making Healthy Eating Fun Tips for Parents

A healthy diet has a significant effect on your kids' growth and their emotional and physical well-being. It helps them stay at bay from diseases, especially during a pandemic, and build their immune system strong. Now, how to make your child eat well is one of the biggest parenting challenges. Parents should understand that children are not born with a craving for burgers or pizza and disliking for veggies or dairy. They developed these eating habits overtime when they come to unhealthy food choices.  The sooner you give them the hamper of nutritious food; they will undoubtedly develop healthy eating habits. So, here are some parenting tips to make healthy eating  fun for your kids: 

Make Food Eye-Catching

It requires time and effort, but you can surely love to do it for your children.  All you need to do is follow these quick nifty tricks and make the food eye-catching for your young ones:

  • Get some exciting egg mold and give interesting shape to the omelet.
  • Make a smiley with ketchup over a homemade sandwich.
  • Mix a spoonful of taste enhancer in the milk that has calcium and protein.
  • Add more colors to the veg platter with red and yellow bell pepper along with broccoli.
  • Make room for fresh beverages in between like juices, smoothies, soups, and shakes, and give them nice garnishing with nuts.

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Serve with Style

Styling is everywhere, even the food you serve. You have to understand your children's psychology and area of interest. You can get some attractive serveware that excites your kiddos; let's see how you can do it:

  • Instead of serving only dal and rice or chappati, serve curd, salad, pappad, chatani, etc. to make it a platter.
  • Use sweet corns, baby corns, cherry tomato, lettuce to decorate their salad bowl.
  • Get bowls or plates of your kids' favorite color or cartoon characters to serve fruits, salads, and soups. It helps you in diverting their interest towards food.
  • You can also wrap homemade snacks in hygienic paper or pack them in the box the way we get them from the restaurants.

Family Time

Lockdown has given a chance to many parents to eat together with their kids, so do not miss that:

  • Set the dining table and insist your family members take all the meals together.
  • You can also ask your children to call other family members to join at the dining table. It develops a sense of responsibility amongst them.
  • Children are attention seekers; you can talk about their interests, cartoon characters, rhymes, etc. This conversation kept them busy, and they eat their meals easily.
  • Take an hour during a day as happy hour, and you can serve fruits or any homemade snacks.

Make it Rewarding 

A reward is one of the parenting tips that encourage your kiddos to do things the way you want them to do:

  • You can give them one candy or a piece of chocolate or play their favorite cartoon film as per their interest once they finish their food. 
  • Also, you can play with kids, sing and dance with them for 5-10 minutes. It not only energizing for them but for you as well. 

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Parenthood is bliss, but it often comes with parenting challenges, especially during lockdown when children feel confined. They can face anxiety, depression, boredom, and low appetite; as parents, you have to take care and inculcate healthy eating habits amongst them. You can try these parenting tips to make healthy eating fun for your kids, which help them in their growth years. Additionally, follow pandemic healthcare tips that keep your young ones away from the virus.  Last but not least, include them in health insurance. We at Care Health Insurance cover even 91 days old baby in the policy. So, get the family floater today and give your children the care they deserve. 


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