Healthcare: Tips to Prepare Food for Healthy Living During Coronavirus Outbreak


Healthcare: Tips to Prepare Food for Healthy Living During Coronavirus Outbreak

Health and safety have become the utmost priority for all amid the coronavirus pandemic.  A new wave for healthcare and hygiene can be seen amongst Indians as well. People prefer to stay at home or follow all the safety measures if they step out. From masks, sanitizers, gloves, and health insurance, these are the new essentials now. But, do you give the same importance to your kitchen as well? Corona can knock on the door in any form. It's not only the living room where you have to provide extra attention and sanitization. Your kitchen also needs it. You need to eat healthy food that preserves all nutrients, is cooked safely, and prevents you and your family from diseases. So, here are some quick tips for you to prepare healthy and safe food:

  • Wash all the veggies, fruits, and raw meat properly before you kept them in the fridge.
  • Wash your hands, chopping board, kitchen slabs, and surfaces with hot and soapy water. 
  • Clean utensils with liquid dishwasher in lukewarm water
  • Often change the utensils scrubber-it contains lots of germs
  • Use steaming, broiling, grilling, or roasting to cook vegetables or pulses
  • Use different herbs and spices like cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coriander, cumin, fennel, ajwain, garlic, and clove-they all are immunity boosters
  • Keep at bay from frozen food, especially frozen meat 
  • Reduces the intake of salt, sugar, and fried food
  • Keep poultry, fish, eggs, or raw meat away from other food items to prevent the chances of cross-contamination. 
  • Use separate chopping boards for veg and non-veg food
  • Always prepare and eat fresh food. Keep a check on the quantity to avoid wastage.
  • Do not eat leftover food the next day-throw it out even do not give it to animals as well. 
  • Check the usage of pesticide residue- apples, cucumbers, peaches, potatoes, spinach, etc. have heavier pesticide residue. Try to buy their organic versions.
  • Try to buy organic pulses, rice, flour, and spices.
  • Keep your kitchen adequately stocked and organized- a messy kitchen gives an invitation to cockroaches, mice, lizards, etc.
  • Reduce the usage of microwaves, or any other electronic heating appliances-their radiations are hazards to health.
  • Keep garbage bags in your kitchen, and do not overstuff them. Change it every day to avoid foul odor and insects.
  • Take care of your cutlery. Also, wash the unused cutlery after every 15 days.
  • Keep the groceries in airtight glass containers or BPA-free plastic containers.

Bottom Line

Healthy living is equally proportionate to what you eat. Similarly, how you cook it and where you cook is equally essential. A hygienic kitchen not only looks nice, but it is also healthier.  So, follow these tips to ensure your cooking is as safe and sanitary as it is tempting. Moreover, one more crucial thing you should do for healthcare is to opt for health insurance. We, at Care Health Insurance, offer family health insurance policy that covers your treatment expenses during a medical emergency.  Get it today to sense contentment, peace, and good health. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. 

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