Junk Food and Health Problems


Junk Food and Health Problems

Junk food good in taste - bad for health, a bitter truth for all junk food lovers. Next time you open the box of cheezy Mexican pizza, think about the high amount of salt and trans fat you take in one slice of pizza. The presence of these health monsters in junk food can have a deadly impact on your health. 

Pizza, burger, momos, ice creams, chips, chocolates, they are the open invitation to non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, etc. There is a significant increase in such lifestyle diseases in the last few years in India as well. Let’s understand the harmful effects of junk food.

Calories are the Culprit

The main reason for obesity is the imbalance between calories consumed, and calories burn, which results in obesity. Junk food contains more than the prescribed amount of calories, trans fats, sugar, and salts, which are the drivers of body fat and unhealthy metabolism. As hazards of junk food increased weight may lead to health issues like diabetes, heart-related diseases, joint pain, etc.


You will be surprised to know that your favorite burger, French fries, and instant noodles can affect your brain like cocaine and heroin. They can hijack the dopamine system of your mind and make you addicted to fast food. It is the reason that makes you crave for it.

Destroy Appetite

Processed food always fills your stomach instantly for a long time. People who work can have it once and sustain for the whole day. Which is, of course, not good for health! These food items have excessive fat, carbohydrates, and calories that negatively affect your digestive system and destroy your appetite. As a result, you start having a deficiency of necessary nutrients in your body. 

Digestive Disorder

The digestive disorder is also one of the harmful effects of junk food. Your digestive system works to burn the carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar level balanced. If you eat junk food excessively, your

digestive system can become non-functional due to an overload of bad carbs and blood sugar. This situation leads to many health risks.

Weaken Bones

Next is your bones; they do also not remain untouched with the bad effects of junk food. Excessive consumption of junk food increases blood sugar that further causes diabetes, which ultimately weakened your bones. Also, if you eat only junk food, your body lack required calcium and vitamins that also damage your bones.

Heart Problems

Heart problems and junk food come hand-in-hand. Enjoying junk food 3 to 4 times a week will increase the cholesterol, fat, and sugar levels in your body that increase the amount of pressure on your heart. They also create a layer of fats around the heart and arteries that create the risk of blockage or even heart attack. 

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Over to You!

You must aware of what is junk? Junk food is nothing but a jumble of some quick stuff that you can order and consume quickly. There are bad effects of junk food. The more you dump your body with the junk, the more it becomes difficult for you to stay healthy. Moreover, think about the expenses that you have to bear if you diagnosed with any lifestyle disease that needs ongoing treatment. If you start even with one, your health and financials will be in danger. So, keep yourself protected with Care Freedom- a comprehensive health insurance plan offered by Care Health Insurance covering lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and high BMI. It’s neither too early nor too late to take care of your health!  

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Lifestyle Diseases is subject to policy terms and conditions.


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