15 Tips for a Healthy Heart


15 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Useful Healthy Heart Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

We have all heard the quote, “when the heart is at ease, the body is healthy.” Heart diseases are common all around the world and occur due to several reasons. We need to look after our heart health, and it involves easy lifestyle changes. However, if you are already diagnosed with heart disease, one of the best heart care tips would be to invest in a health insurance plan that offers coverage for the same. It will take the stress off your shoulder and help you concentrate on yourself a little more. Care Heart by Care Health Insurance is a specially designed health insurance plan for individuals who already have existing heart illness.

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Here are 15 Heart Health Tips for You

1. Quit Smoking Right Away:

Smoking is a significant risk factor in the cause of heart diseases. It eliminates the air spaces and blood vessels in the lungs that prevent normal oxygen flow to vital parts of the body, including the heart. Just one year of non-smoking reduces your risk of heart disease by half, as compared to a continuing smoker.

If you are a non-smoker, take measures to prevent passive smoking.

2. Improve your Diet:

If you want to know how to keep your heart healthy , then pay attention to your diet. Have a balanced and nutritious meal. Your diet plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. Including foods such as wholegrain cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts in your diet lowers your risk of heart-related diseases.

Green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They are also an excellent source of vitamin K, which is known to promote appropriate clotting of blood and also protect arteries.

3. Switch to Green Tea:

Here is what you should know about how to keep the heart-healthy . Green tea is one of the richest sources of catechins and polyphenols, which are oxidants that significantly reduce inflammation, and also aid in heart health. Studies show that consuming green tea leads to a decrease in both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Green tea extract reduces LDL, total cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

4. Exercise Regularly:

Exercise has got to be a part of your routine to be in good shape and health. Just being active for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart attacks by one-third. This is one of the essential healthy heart tips that you will hear from any professional.

5. Watch Your Body Weight: 

Health experts tell you how to keep your heart healthy. They say that as a person enters the middle age, the metabolism tends to slow down. Excess belly fat raises blood pressure and alters the normal blood lipid levels. Thus, maintaining ideal body weight is essential as obesity can lead to heart diseases.

6. Maintain Mental Well Being:

The health of your heart has a lot to do with your emotional well-being. Depression and other mental and emotional conditions are big triggers of heart issues. Thus, it is crucial to have a positive mindset and a happy lifestyle.

7. Eat More Fish:

Omega-3 fatty acids are perfect for cholesterol and are an essential part of your diet. Foods that provide you with the necessary limit of Omega 3 are oily fishes like tuna, sardines, or salmon. Eating Fishes regularly into your diet will help boost your good cholesterol.

8. Switch to Dark Chocolate:

Have a sweet tooth? No problem. You do not necessarily have to give up chocolates to keep your heart healthy. You can make a switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, and your problem is solved. Dark chocolate could be useful for your heart health when eaten in moderation.

9. Limit your Alcohol:

Those  who know how to maintain a healthy heart would undoubtedly limit their alcohol intake. High consumption of alcohol is an invitation to severe heart and liver ailments.

It goes without saying. Just like smoking, alcohol is also toxic to the overall health of your body. It is highly recommended to limit yourself to as little as alcohol consumption as possible.

10. Avoid Salty and Foods High in Sodium:

Salty food can be a significant cause of deteriorating heart health. It is better to be cautious when preparing or eating your meals and limit yourself not just to sugar, but salty and high sodium foods as well. It is essential to switch to a low- sodium and low- fat diet to prevent high cholesterol in your body.  This is one of the main health tips for a heart that everyone needs to implement in their lives.

11. Check for Diabetes:

Get complete physical examination like sugar tests, blood pressure check-up, cholesterol tests, etc. It is vital to keep your heart healthy  and identify problems at an early stage, especially if you have a family history of heart problems.

Diabetes and heart problems almost always come hand in hand. It is better to be cautious and have yourself tested for the same at regular intervals. When diabetes goes uncontrolled, it can cause damage to the walls of your artery and be a cause of heart disease. Therefore, early diagnosis and proper medical care are vital to prevent complications arising from diabetes.

12. Make Fitness Fun:

Being fit and healthy is the key to keeping your heart healthy at all times. Make sure you always stay active and have an active lifestyle followed. While this can be a task for many, it is always not that difficult. You can also choose activities such as Zumba, aerobics, and pilates that are contemporary and involves socializing with likeminded people as well.

13. Avoid Stress:

Chronic stress can seriously hamper mental and physical health. It can also prevent  us from thinking in a logical manner, which is why you must manage it. With the hustle and bustle of work-life balance, stress has become a part of life. Being highly stressed has been a common reason for heart-related diseases such as heart attacks and more. Indulge in activities that calm you down if you are stressed, such as meditation, to keep your heart rates in check.

14. Get Adequate Sleep:

Inadequate sleep will not just affect your productivity at work but also put you at a higher risk of heart disease. Sleep disorders lead to stress, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart attack. Hence, getting six to eight hours of peaceful sleep every night will eliminate these risk factors. It is a valuable tip on how to maintain a healthy heart.

You can include stress management techniques and breathing exercises that will help you get sound sleep and, ultimately, a healthy heart.

15. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle:

All put together in simple words, following a simple and happy lifestyle is the key ingredient to a healthy heart. Maintain a work-life balance and ensure you devote some time to working out and yourself every single day.

These 15 tips on how to keep the heart healthy  are very easy to implement and will help you lead a good life too.

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