Here is How Toxic Air is Triggering Children's Health in Delhi NCR


Here is How Toxic Air is Triggering Children's Health in Delhi NCR

Imagine being stuck in a smoke chamber and having no escape. Yes, that's how Delhi NCR feels these days. The capital is now more like a smoke chamber, like smoking almost 10 cigarettes a day while breathing. 

Doesn't that feel horrible?

It obviously does! After adults, children have to bear the brunt of this man-made catastrophe. Children are getting entrapped in the smog that has fully enveloped Delhi NCR and becoming more vulnerable to falling sick frequently. They are choking on air these days and being warned that prolonged exposure to toxic air may lead to severe health threats among children. 

This article highlights some severe health hazards children face due to the city's toxic air. Read through to understand how critical this crisis could be for your child.

Serious Health Effects of Air Pollution among Children

 serious health effects air pollution

The effects of smog in Delhi NCR have impacted children's health and academics, thus, many schools decided to shut down considering the safety of the school children. With the onset of winter, the air quality worsens every year and leaves children feeling suffocated, according to The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Below mentioned are 5 serious health threats due to air pollution among children:

  • Children in the womb can also have severe health crises due to air pollution.
  • Pregnant women exposed to toxic air are more vulnerable as there are chances of premature delivery or babies with low weight.
  • Unhealthy air directly affects the neurodevelopment and cognitive ability of children.
  • Toxic air triggers bronchitis, asthma and childhood cancer.
  • Children exposed to high levels of air pollution are at a higher risk of getting a chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease or pulmonary disease.

How is Toxic Air  Harmful to Young Children?

Young children are more susceptible to breathing in toxic or polluted air than adults because their airways are smaller and still developing. They also breathe faster and more frequently than adults, resulting in breathing more polluted air.

Your children might be at risk of the following health conditions after being exposed to polluted air: 

  • Their lungs don't work efficiently as they grow older.
  • They are at risk of developing asthma during childhood or as an adult - and if they are asthmatic, breathing toxic air can make it even worse.
  • Constant wheezing and cough.
  • Risk of falling prey to Lung Cancer.
  • Severe health conditions like pneumonia and acute lower respiratory infections.

How Can You Reduce the Risk of Air Pollution?

Air pollution in Delhi NCR has become havoc these days, and children have been barred from playing outdoor games due to poor air quality. Here are the key measures to combat the environmental health risks of air pollution among children: 

  • Raising awareness about using public transportation, biking, or simply walking are a few of the safest ways to reduce carbon footprint and air pollution.
  • Encouraging safe walking routes for children as it can reduce their exposure to air pollution en route to school and school-related activities.
  • Mapping out safe routes with reduced emissions is an effective initiative that schools could implement to assist their students in leading healthier lives by breathing healthy air.
  • Wear masks mandatorily while going outdoors.
  • Install air purifiers to filter the air around you and your children.
  • Keep air-purifying plants in and around the living area.

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Asthma Cases Surge Among Children in Delhi

As per the medical experts at AIIMS, the disastrous air quality across Delhi NCR has affected children's health, resulting in the rise of asthma cases and respiratory issues among young children. Children in the age group of 2-13 years are falling prey to asthma exacerbation. Also, pollution, weather changes, and passive smoking have aggravated asthma among children.

High and uncontrollable levels of air pollution have put children at higher risk of developing chronic conditions like this. This may become another uncontrollable health crisis after Covid if not controlled.

Health experts suggested that parents should ensure their children are hydrated, and their exposure to the outside environment is between 9 am and 4 pm under the sun only. Wearing masks before going out and adding vitamin-c with a healthy diet will protect them against many health conditions.

Summing it Up!

Seeing a child falling sick can be excruciating, but not getting the proper treatment at the right time can be devastating and regretful. Despite knowing the causes of smog in Delhi NCR, no concrete measure has been taken to subdue it. So, if your child falls prey to the current catastrophe, make sure you have your family floater health insurance in place so that there is no financial burden on you and your family for the treatment of your child. Care Health Insurance's family plan comes with comprehensive benefits that provide a safety cushion during any medical emergency. If you still need to include your child in your family healthcare plan, NOW is the time! 

Disclaimer: The information mentioned above is for reference purposes only. Please refer to your policy document if you have queries.

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