How to Fight the Increasing Risk of High Blood Pressure among Women?


How to Fight the Increasing Risk of High Blood Pressure among Women?

High blood pressure is a dangerous medical condition. If your blood pressure reaches over 85, you may be at risk of high blood pressure. Due to this disease, blood pressure can shoot above 140 units. This disease involves pressure in the blood vessels that increases the risk of blockages. The main reason for hypertension is an unhealthy lifestyle. Although people think that hypertension is more common in men than women, this is not a fact. The problem of hypertension can happen among both women and men.

The best way to diagnose high blood pressure is to check your blood pressure regularly. This article will tell you how women are at increased risk of high blood pressure and how you can avoid this deadly disease.

Why is Hypertension the Silent Killer?

There are no symptoms of high blood pressure; that’s why it is called the 'silent killer.' If the blood pressure is constantly increasing, there may be a risk of brain hemorrhage and kidney damage. In some extreme cases, delayed treatment can lead to the patient’s death.

If you suffer from headaches, lack of sleep, and other symptoms, then you may have hypertension. The good news is that you can easily control hypertension by taking prescribed medicines along with routine preventive measures. 

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High Blood Pressure Risk in Women

There can be many reasons for hypertension in women. The severity of the disease may increase with age. Pregnancy, prevention in pregnancy, and cessation of menstruation- are some common factors that increase the risk of high blood pressure in women. Premenstrual migraine is more common in women than in men during adolescence. Also, women with a family history of high BP, stroke, and other related conditions are at higher risk of contracting similar conditions.

According to research, the problem of hypertension in women increases with the use of birth control pills. Also, obesity has surfaced as one of the root causes of increased blood pressure. After menopause, there is a complaint of weight gain due to hormonal changes, leading to hypertension.

How to Control High Blood Pressure?

Women should check their blood pressure levels every six months. It is necessary that women make the following changes in their lifestyle to keep blood pressure problems at bay-

  • Exercising regularly 
  • Maintaining a balanced weight
  • Abstaining from alcohol
  • Controlling stress

Why is Health Insurance Necessary for Women with Hypertension?

Women over the age of 30 are at increased risk of developing hypertension. Due to this, it has become essential to buy a health insurance plan covering hypertension-related treatment expenses.

If you or someone in your family is suffering from hypertension, you can consider buying a Care Freedom policy offered by Care Health Insurance. This policy helps you cover the medical treatment expenses related to high blood pressure and diabetes. Learn more about our Care Freedom health plan on the website. 

Disclaimer: The fulfillment of hypertension claims is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Please read the policy documents carefully to verify the policy benefits.

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