How to beat Depression Naturally?


How to beat Depression Naturally?

Life is a roller coaster ride, and it takes us to places we never thought we ever would. It brings us the succession of both good and bad experiences. With the different experiences, we feel different emotions that lead us to feel a certain way. In recent times, it has been found that depression has become quite a common issue among humans due to ceratin crises that either occur in youth or mid-life. 

Humans often become a slave to their depression and succumb to it eventually if they are not counselled or heard. We often confuse depression with stress and anxiety, whereas they are entirely different due to their effects. Depression is a prolonged condition while, on the contrary, stress is temporary. Causes of depression lead to grave illness if it is not treated timely, and it is never a single man job to be fully aware of signs of severe depression symptoms.

This article will put some light on one of the most unheeded topics so that you can beat your depression naturally.

According to an article published by the Times of India, a study says 43% of Indians suffer from depression.

It is always essential to address the reasons for depression and work on it so that you overcome all the hurdles to beat your depression without being medically treated. There could be many causes of depression that go unaddressed because no one wants to share it with anyone. At times, people feel ashamed of talking about depression and keep fretting over it.

study suggests Depression is more common in women than men. The Global Burden of Disease report estimates the point prevalence of unipolar depressive episodes to be 1.9% for men and 3.2% for women. The one-year prevalence has been estimated to be 5.8% for men and 9.5% for women.

Knowing the reason for depression always makes the journey easy to get riddance. Make sure you are aware of the signs of severe depression symptoms so that you can seek help and get out of the prison of negative thoughts.

However, talking about the causes of depression is common, but beating it naturally is hardly being talked about.

Let’s learn about the most effective ways to beat depression without medications-

  • Improve your social life- It becomes easier when you have people around you who can make things happy go lucky. Engage yourself in the social groups where people address each other’s problems and help you propel through them.

  • Anew your thoughts- Knowing what kind of thoughts pull you down the ladder of happiness is an achievement. Once you address those thoughts, you will instantly find ways to escape the trap of negativity and anew them.

  • Speak to worthy people- In this buddy world, it becomes hard to find someone who can be all ears to you and be empathetic at the same time. Find someone who can give you time and listen to all your miseries. Venting always helps to cope with depression. Always focus on the people who lift you!

  • Do what you love- You get halfway through if you start pursuing what you love the most. Be it eating your favourite food or travelling to the places, and you can do whatever you find your happiness in. Little acts of making yourself happy can do wonders.

  • Cut off from negativity- Anything that messes with your mental health should be cut off from your life. If you are surrounded by people who make you feel low about yourself, get rid of them before any second thought. Even get rid of the things that remind you of gloomy times. Riddance of unworthy things and people always helps!

  • Meditate- Spare yourself some time and go on a zen mode. Meditation always helps you introspect and keeps you at ease. It is so energising to separate yourself from the outer world and explore your inner self. 

  • Be a part of pleasant events- So many pleasant events go around you every day. Find one event of your choice and engage yourself in that. Good vibes will always bring good energy to you.

  • Travel solo if needed- Many people fighting depression finds solo travelling healing. Travelling always helps you heal as it gives you a break from your monotonous life. If you wish to travel solo, do it without thinking so much. Accompany yourself to your favourite place.

Let’s beat depression without making it taboo.

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One should never see depression as a disorder. It is simply a condition one goes through because a few things don’t go in someone’s favour. Succumbing to depression is pure injustice to the sufferer as no one deserves to be not heard or understood. Attention plays an essential role if the person is suffering from depression. 

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