5 Harmful Side Effects of Hand Sanitizer on Your Skin


5 Harmful Side Effects of Hand Sanitizer on Your Skin

The threat of catching the COVID-19 virus made everyone finicky about sanitizing hands from time to time. This made the hand Sanitizer a coronavirus staple. In very little time, it reached the consumer shelves, and the sales shot over 400%. Pharmacies, supermarkets, and even grocery stores across countries now sell Sanitizer s considering more popularity than ever before.

What’s Hand Sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizers are foam, gel, or liquid products that can be used to clean hands and kill germs. Undoubtedly, hand Sanitizer made the pandemic a little easier since everyone had quick and easy access to the cleanliness of their hands. All you have to do is use a few drops, and you are ready to eat or do your work with clean hands. It has made things easier that we wash our hands seldom and instead sanitize them. 

However, there are certain disadvantages of sanitizers that must also be brought to attention, especially for those who heavily rely on these products. A recent study by FDA warns that sanitizer’s side effects could be severe in the long run. This article will highlight the sanitizer’s side effects and how to spread awareness among those using Sanitizer s as the only source of cleaning and remain germs at bay. 

Side Effects of Sanitizers on Skin

While sanitizer made the cleanliness journey of COVID easier, it has certain aftereffects that every user must be aware of. The side effects of hand Sanitizer s on the skin may not be popular enough, and people sometimes also have to ignore them in order to choose quick and convenient cleanliness. 

You must know that a bottle of hand Sanitizer contains a high amount of alcohol, up to 95%, along with other chemicals. It can definitely disinfect your hands, but it also leaves certain side effects.

Mentioned below are the side effects of hand sanitizers on skin that you need to be aware of:

1. Skin Dryness

Normally, your hand maintains sufficient moisture, and it needs so as well. However, with frequent use of hand Sanitizer, your hands dry out. Even with one use, you can easily feel the dryness. This is because of the alcohol and other chemical contents in the hand Sanitizer s. Along with killing viruses and bacteria it also leaves your hand flaky. In some cases, dry skin may attract several germs.

2. Triggers Eczema and Psoriasis Symptoms

Those who have skin issues like eczema and psoriasis may experience trouble using Sanitizer s. Side effects of hand sanitizers on the skin may result in skin damage or sore hands due to the harsh chemicals. People with eczema may also see red patches due to chemical reactions. Any form of sanitizer could make your skin turn even more problematic if you have eczema or psoriasis.

3. Antibiotic Resistance

An active component, Triclosan, is present in most hand sanitizers that take care of the progress of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This may make you more vulnerable to catching infections if you use hand sanitizers frequently, as bacteria and other pathogens build resistance to antibiotics. This could be one of the most worrisome hand Sanitizer side effects since the chemical may affect the hormonal cycle.

4. Harmful Components

 A handful amount of hand sanitizers in the market are made with harsh chemical fragrance agents. These chemicals could harm those with sensitive skin and may cause allergies and hormone disturbance in the body.

5. Can Damage Eyes

We tend to rub our eyes with our hands. When applying hand sanitizer on hands and accidentally rubbing your eyes may chemical burns on your eyes.  You may also experience temporary blurry vision, pain and redness. 

Does Hand Sanitizer Cause Cancer?

Now the question arises Does hand Sanitizer use cause cancer?

Well, as per various health care reports, national and international, and various claims, some Sanitizer products may not be safe. A few ingredients, used in a few Sanitizer brands, are carcinogenic and proven to be cancerous. These include methanol and benzene, to name a few.

If swallowed, these may be life-threatening as well. So, it is very important not to use just any random Sanitizer. You must avoid hand Sanitizer s that contain benzene over and above the permitted level, methanol, acrylate, and denatured ethanol. Read the bottle carefully and check about it on the internet and with your doctor before using it. One wrong product may cause irreparable damage in the long run.

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Importance of Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer use has various benefits as well, which cannot be ignored, especially in times like the pandemic. It helps replace the need for water to keep up with the cleanliness of hands. Here are some of the benefits of hand Sanitizer uses:

1. Helps clean your hand and kill bacteria, germs, and viruses in no time

2. A range of bacteria and germs can be killed by hand Sanitizer 

3. It acts as the best alternative to water and soap

4. You do not need to go to a sink to clean your hand when you have a hand Sanitizer 

5. Hand Sanitizers are very convenient and easy to use. 

Make sure you use the Sanitizer when your hands are visibly clean. In case your palms or hands are soiled or are too dirty, it is advised to go with soap and water. A few drops of hand Sanitizer are good and keep you hygienic. However, ensure that you do not have an underlying skin problem. If so, make sure to contact your doctor before using it to avoid any hand Sanitizer side effects.


In a nutshell, excess use of hand sanitizer may pose severe health risks, resulting in so many skin problems. Sanitizers can be used to clean hands if water and soap aren’t immediately available. One should always be cautious and keep a check on the usage as side effects of hand sanitizers on skin could get really problematic if you aren’t vigilant about it. 

One must always be aware that hand sanitizers are meant for external use only, and if someone you know has ingested it, see a doctor immediately.

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