How is Overuse of Sanitizers Harmful?


how is overuse of sanitizers harmful

Hand sanitizers have become more popular than ever, ever since the covid-19 has erupted. In recent times it has been noticed that the threat has played a significant role in everyone’s life. The threat of catching the Covid-19 virus has made everyone finicky about sanitizing hands from time to time. And also, it has made things easier that we wash our hands seldom and instead sanitize them. However, side effects of sanitizers are either neglected, or people are unaware of what it could cause while they are busy keeping their hands and other surfaces clean. 

A recent study by FDA warns that side effects of hand sanitizers could be severe in the long run.

This article will highlight the harmful effects of sanitizers to spread awareness among those using sanitizers as the only source of cleaning and degerming.

Side effects of Sanitizers

Side effects of sanitizers are often ignored as we live in a world where ignorance works the best, even when it is about health. As you know, sanitizers contain a high amount of alcohol (60%-90%) that degerms your hands and the surfaces you sanitize. Even if there is less alcohol quantity, sanitizers may also have antiseptic components that make it harsh to your skin, and it is known to have side effects. 

Below mentioned are the side effects of hand sanitizers that you need to be aware of and reduce the usage of sanitizers-

  • Skin Dryness- Alcohol-based sanitizers can dry out your skin because they contain antiseptic components that kill bacteria and viruses and leave dryness on your skin. If you use hand sanitizers frequently each day, you may notice moisture on your skin starts losing, which eventually results in flaky, dry and sensitive skin.

  • Triggers eczema and psoriasis symptoms- Those who have skin issues like eczema and psoriasis may experience trouble using sanitizers. Side effects of hand sanitizers on the skin may result in skin damage or sore hands due to the harsh chemicals. Any form of sanitizer could make your skin turn even more problematic if you have eczema or psoriasis.

  • Antibiotic resistance- An active component Triclosan is present in most hand sanitizers that take care of the progress of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This may make you more vulnerable to catching infections if you use hand sanitizers frequently as bacteria and other pathogens build resistance to antibiotics. This could be one of the most worrisome harmful effects of sanitizers.

  • Harmful components- For more than a year, there have been so many hand sanitizers in the market that are made with harsh chemical fragrance agents. These chemicals could harm those with sensitive skin and may cause allergies and hormone disturbance in the body.

  • Can damage eyes- Once you rub hand sanitizers on your hand, you often forget that you don’t have to rub the same hands on your eyes. If you accidentally end up doing it, it may cause chemical burns on your eyes. Damage caused by sanitizer may have you experience temporary blurry vision, pain and redness.

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In a nutshell, excess use of hand sanitizer may pose severe health risks resulting in so many skin problems. Sanitizers can be used to clean hands if water and soap aren’t immediately available. One should always be cautious and keep a check on the usage as side effects of hand sanitizers could get really problematic if you aren’t vigilant about it. 

One must always be aware that hand sanitizers are meant for external use only and if someone you know has ingested it, see a doctor immediately.

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