How is Health Policy Safeguarding Women in India?


How is Health Policy Safeguarding Women in India?

Whether a caregiver, innovator, community organizer, or exemplary leader, women stand at the front lines and excelling day-by-day. If you also have a woman in your life, you can applaud her efforts in different ways to tell her how special she is for you.  The most important gift you can give to her is access to the best healthcare. Health policy for women can help them stay in the pinkest of their health without financial worries. So, here are you can read how is health policy safeguarding women in India:-     

Timely Treatment

Healthcare is always a back seat for women in India. Most of them hide their health problems due to expenditure or other responsibilities. Therefore, comprehensive health insurance act as a rescuer for them. It offers comprehensive coverage for treatment, medication, and hospitalization.  It means women can avail treatment timely without thinking about healthcare expenses to stay hale and hearty.                                   

No Dependency

The rising incidences of life-threatening diseases like cancer and costly healthcare are alarming everyone to stay protected. Cashless hospitalization in health insurance allows women to start the treatment without arranging cash or borrowing from others.  It is the best gift for women to encourage self-dependency amongst them.  It helps them to afford their healthcare expenses with no financial implications. 

Corona Coverage

If you are worried about corona these days, a health insurance plan with corona cover is beneficial. It keeps women protected from the expenses incurred due to COVID-19. It covers treatment expenses and even offers coverage for non-payable expenses also under add-on. 

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Advanced Healthcare

Advanced healthcare brings hope to many women. Whether it is balloon sinuplasty, robotic surgeries, or oral chemotherapy, females get coverage for them too under the policy. Such advanced treatments have minimally invasive surgery and help the patients to recover faster. 

Add-On Benefits

Medical insurance for women does not just provide coverage for the treatment. OPD cover, international second opinion, reduction in PED( pre-existing disease) wait period, room rent modification, etc., are the add-on benefits women can avail to get the maximum out of the policy coverage.

Healthy Motherhood

For a woman planning to experience motherhood soon, gift her health insurance with maternity cover. Whether cesarean or normal, it covers delivery expenses, room rent, doctor's fees, etc. Not only this, but it also provides coverage to the newly born baby for the first 90 days. This women's day ensures the expected mom a happy and safe delivery with pregnancy health insurance.

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Tax Benefit

For working women, it is a bonanza. The premium paid under section 80D of the Income Tax of India 1961 gets exemption from tax. So, now they can save their health and wealth both. 


At Care Health Insurance, we ensure every woman should get the best healthcare facilities without a financial hitch with our health insurance plans.  Get the access to good health that you can carry for lifelong. After all, women laid the society's foundation. She should grow stronger and healthier for a better world. 

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Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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