How Health Insurance Act as Your Rescuer during COVID-19 Outbreak ?


how health insurance act as your rescuer during covid 19 outbreak

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising in the country, the government is taking all the measures to halt its spread. Currently, there is no vaccine for this deadly virus. Doctors are treating infected people through supportive medicines. However, other than novel coronavirus, some serious illnesses can also knock your door during corona outbreak like stroke, hypertension, seasonal influenza, lifestyle disease due to lockdown, etc. For all such medical problems, you must go to a doctor for consultation or may need to hospitalize for further treatment.

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In such a situation when you are not sure how you will manage your finances in the next 21 days, comprehensive health insurance can act as your rescuer. Health insurance provides you the complete coverage during any medical emergency in the corona outbreak. Read here how it is helpful?

Immediate Cashless Hospitalization

Under a health insurance policy, you can go for immediate cashless hospitalization in case if you feel any symptom of corona or suffering from any serious illness. You are not required to deposit cash before hospitalization. You can also avoid the cumbersome cash depositing formalities at the hospital’s counter. Therefore, you can start your treatment immediately without getting worried about cash. 

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Coverage Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

Your pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered in your health insurance plans. Whether it is corona positive treatment or any other medical emergency or a planned hospitalization, expenses like doctor’s fees, OPD charges, diagnosis, room rent, medicines, therapies, daily allowance, ambulance, all will be borne by the insurance company.

Free Annual Health Check-Ups

Free annual health check-up is an exclusive benefit that you get under health insurance. Health check-ups include blood sugar tests, urine tests, cholesterol tests, ECG, etc. annually with no charges. With health insurance, you can save your lot of money on diagnosis and tests every year. Such tests alarm you if there is any chance of critical illness in the near future.

Tax Exemption 

Under section 80 D, of the Income Tax Act 1961, premiums paid for health insurance for self, dependent parents, children, and spouse get the tax exemption up to Rs.60, 000. However, the taxable amount is subjected to income, age, number of persons insured, etc. It also reduces your taxable income. 

Peace of Mind

Health insurance bears your hospitalization and treatment costs that save your money in this tough time. You do not need to be dependent on anyone for money for you or your family members’ treatment during the corona crisis. You can go ahead for your treatment with peace of mind and focus on the recovery without money crunch.


Prevention is always better than cure. With no doubt, COVID-19 is a lethal disease that has no cure. All you can do is to follow the lockdown protocols, prefer social distancing, self-isolation, practice basic hygiene, wash your hands frequently, sanitize your hands and things, avoid traveling, and opt for a health insurance policy. It helps you to stay protected and financially secure.

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