How Exercise, Yoga, and Self-Care Helps During Coronavirus Isolation?


How Exercise, Yoga, and Self-Care Helps During Coronavirus Isolation?

Amidst a global pandemic, there are more than 96,000 confirmed cases in India. In order to, curtail the spread of the virus, the government has imposed a lockdown. According to the health advisory by the Health Ministry of India, people who have developed symptoms of coronavirus needs to go for isolation at least for 14 days. This deadly virus will not vanish to end anytime soon until a vaccine is developed.

The anxiety around coronavirus is the most difficult to handle. We can’t measure how exactly these things can affect us. Buying the best health insurance plan is the first crucial step especially when we see how a medical emergency strikes suddenly and affects our savings.

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What to Do During Self Isolation Time Period?

  • Take care of your body: Staying active can release anxiety, boost your mood and relieve stress. These days the gyms are closed so you can go for indoor exercises such as stretching, yoga and cardio workout. You can also look for different types of exercises that can be done without machine. For your mental health, you can browse videos on youtube and do meditation.
  • Indulge in activities you enjoy: Read a book, watch series or play a video game. No matter what you do as long as you stop worrying. Isolating from others, such as staying at home not going to school or doing work from home can impact your mood. You can find ways to connect with people you care for. If you cannot meet them, you can reach out to them through phone or video call
  • Follow a routine: If you are in quarantine, you must follow a routine that keeps you inspired. If you are working from home, be sure to create an environment that helps you in concentrating. Apart from this, try to take proper sleep this will help in maintaining a sense of uniformity.  
  • Take a healthy diet: During this time, be sure to eat food items that helps in improving your immune system. Make sure to include food items in your diet that are rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants.

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Over to you

These above-mentioned self-care tips are of great help, but humans need communities to be content. You can connect with your friends, family members, and colleagues, have  chat with them over the video or a phone call. Although, it is difficult to predict the future, undergoing self-isolation can lower the uncertainty about the future.

Despite the increasing cases of coronavirus, it is important to remain calm and take measures to keep ourselves protected. In such situations, having a health insurance plan has become a necessity. Many people are queer to know their health insurance plans can cover the treatment of coronavirus. The treatment expenses incurred on coronavirus is expensive. Everyone’s focus should be on how to avoid the risk factors by taking recommended precautions.

To stay safe, it is important to opt for a health insurance plan soon. You can choose Care a comprehensive family health insurance plans offered by Care Health Insurance that provides maximum coverage at the best premium.

Stay inside, stay secure.

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