Why Hypertension Patients are at Greater Risk of Coronavirus?


Why Hypertension Patients are at Greater Risk of Coronavirus?

An individual suffering from hypertension should take more precautions to protect him from coronavirus. Research reveals that individual with hypertension may more likely to get:

  • Coronavirus
  • Get worse symptoms
  • Die from the virus

In foreign countries such as China and Italy, many people infected with the virus had health issues such as hypertension, diabetes and lung disease. Medical experts have determined hypertension as a dangerous factor that may lead to death in patients.

What is the Correlation?

A weak immune system is one of the reasons individuals with hypertension and other health issues are at the risk of developing coronavirus. Long-term health issues and a weak immune system are not able to fight back with the virus. Most doctors prescribe ACE inhibitors and ARBs for patients suffering from hypertension. These medicines increase the effect of angiotensin converting enzyme called ACE2. ACE2 can protect you against lung injury. It has been proved that both ACE and ARBs for can be used for treating Covid-19. It is a theory and there is no research yet to prove what are the effect of these medicines on this dealy disease. 

However, it is still not proved whether high blood pressure is a risk factor for getting coronavirus. 

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Effect of Coronavirus on Individual with Hypertension

Hypertension causes damage to the arteries and reduces the blood flow to the heart. This means that the heart must work harder to pump enough blood. The extra work can weaken your heart where it cannot pump healthy blood to the body. Coronavirus can severely affect your heart, which can be harmful for it. It may lead to inflammation of the heart muscle. If anyone has a plaque build-up in the arteries, the virus may make those plaques likely to break apart. This may lead to a heart attack. Individuals with heart disorders may also get respiratory illnesses such as flu, asthma, etc. 

Individuals with hypertension should be extra cautious and follow the preventive measures:

  1. Collect all over-the-counter medicines to treat fever and other symptoms
  2. Avoid going to crowded places and with anyone who looks sick
  3. Stay inside and have limited physical contact with other people
  4. Wash your hands frequently and maintain a proper hygiene
  5. Be sure to have medicines handy with you

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Treatment for coronavirus needs immediate medical attention. Everyone should focus on avoiding the risk factors and take extra precautions. A vaccine for coronavirus is not available till now. Hence, spreading the word of caution and adopting preventive measures can help an individual to reduce the risk of the virus. You can opt for health insurance for hypertension and diabetes patients. The diabetes health insurance plans give you the best healthcare facilities and bear your medical expenses. Individuals can opt for this plan online by visiting the website of Care Health Insurance. This plan includes the following features:

  • Cashless hospitalization
  • Lifelong renewability
  • Annual health checkup
  • Daycare treatments
  • Pre and post hospitalization

Care Freedom can be availed without a pre-policy medical check-up. Health insurance provides you with maximum coverage at an affordable premium and saves you from unnecessary expenses.

Stay alert and stay safe.

 Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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