Health Insurance for Smoker


Health Insurance for Smoker

“Smoking is injurious to health”-it is the statutory warning mentioned on every pack of cigarettes. Yet, millions of people smoke and have their own reasons for smoking. Some say they smoke to curtail the work stress, some are habitual, some do it because they enjoy it, etc. Despite knowing this fact that smoking can cause cancer and other critical illness smokers are not ready to quit it. However, being a smoker does not deter you from buying health insurance.  It is a common myth amongst the smokers that they are not eligible for health insurance.

Here you can read facts about health insurance for smoker:

How Smoker is defined under health insurance?

Smoker means any person who is consuming nicotine in any form such as cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, patches, and gum. 

What is health insurance for Smoker?

Health insurance for smoker offers same kind of health insurance to smokers and non-smokers. There is no difference in coverage, add-ons, and benefits.

Why health insurance premium for the smoker is high?

The health insurance premium for smokers is higher than for non-smokers. It is so because they have higher health risks and also shorter life expectancy. However, the premium is not at a flat rate, the premium is proportionate to the habit and health condition or pre-existing disease of the smoker, thus vary from person to person.

What are the diseases that covered under health insurance?

Smokers are more prone to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), heart attack, cancer, lung diseases, etc. These diseases covered under health insurance. However, smoking leads to many health complications, in such cases approving the claim is subjected to insurance companies’ terms and conditions.

Why it is necessary to disclose all the information while buying health insurance?

The best way to get your claim without the fear of rejection is to disclose all your information. As a smoker, you should not hide any important information during a medical examination. Your claim can be rejected on the grounds of false or misrepresentation of information. 

Can a smoker with pre-existing health problems buy health insurance?

If, you are a smoker with pre-existing health problems, then also you are eligible to buy health insurance. However, you have to pay a bit higher premium, and the waiting period is also high because the risk is more in case of smoking.

How health insurance is helpful?

Health insurance is your rescuer during a medical emergency. It not only helps you to avail of the best health care but also covers all the medical expenses. Read below how health insurance is helpful:

  • Immediate cashless hospitalization during a medical emergency
  • Cover pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Hassle-free claim settlements 
  • Annual health check-up
  • Cover for day care treatment, chemotherapy, and dialysis
  • Pre-existing diseases are also covered 
  • Ambulances expenses 

So, as a smoker, you can avail health insurance policy after considering above mentioned factors. Moreover, if you need more coverage, you can opt for a Critical illness Plan offered by Care Health Insurance. It helps you to get the best possible treatment without financial burden in an emergency that can arise anytime due to smoking.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims is subject to policy terms and conditions.


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