10 Ways to Know How to Quit Smoking


10 Ways to Know How to Quit Smoking

Smoking causes over 8 million deaths every year globally, and the figures are only on the rise. India stands as 2nd largest producer and consumer of tobacco, with over 12 crore smokers. Smoking not only affects the direct consumers of tobacco but also impacts the passive non-smokers nearby.  Lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and strokes are common among tobacco consumers. In India, common types of tobacco used are khaini, betel leaf with zarda, gutka, beedi, cigarettes, and hookah.

Anyone who smokes probably knows that smoking is bad for health. Even though it is highly advised to not indulge in smoking, millions of youth and adults are regular smokers. The long-term impact of tobacco can seriously affect overall health and well-being. In this article, we will discuss how to quit tobacco. There are various tips on how to quit smoking, and these may really help if you follow religiously.

Why do You Need to Stop Smoking Immediately?

Before understanding how to stop tobacco addiction, you need to know why smoking is so bad for your health. Here is why you must quit smoking:

1. Go Easy on Your Wallet: The habit of smoking not only affect your health but also wealth. One packet of cigarettes can cost you a good amount and for chain smokers, the expenses can be quite high.

2. A Good Body Odour: Smoking may make everything around you smell bad, and you may suffer bad breath, yellow teeth, and tongue marks. Once you quit tobacco, you also get your healthy surroundings back.

3. A Healthy You: Undoubtedly, the very basic reason why people want to know how to quit smoking cigarettes is to improve their health. Within a day of quitting tobacco, your lungs start to heal. You can really improve your health and decrease the risk of diseases to a great extent by quitting tobacco.

4. Improved Social Life: Not everyone wants to be a passive smoker. Once you quit, you may also have to find some non-smoker friends who might be more disciplined and health conscious. You may actually improve your social life. Now, let's head to learn how to stop smoking cigarettes.

Let’s Come to the Point-How to Quit Smoking?

From setting a quit date to asking for support, from adopting healthier habits to staying motivated, numerous strategies can help you in this transformative journey toward a tobacco-free lifestyle. Embarking on this path brings not only immediate health benefits but also long-term well-being and vitality.

Many people who are addicted want to know how to quit smoking easily. Well, you must first address that although smoking is bad for your health and you want to quit it, the journey will be difficult. Here are a few tips that may help you know how to quit smoking naturally:

Give Yourself a Good Reason to Quit

Do you remember how and why you began smoking? Whether or not you remember it, now is the time you should remind yourself why you must quit tobacco. Apart from the strong cliché health purpose of leaving tobacco, different people may have a strong reason why they badly want to know ‘how can I quit smoking’. It may be your family, your kids, your dedication, health concerns, etc.

Be Prepared for Withdrawal Symptoms

As discussed above, leaving tobacco needs patience and time. Quitting cigarettes overnight may sound tempting, but it is nothing more than overpromising. You need to begin with the baby step and keep going a bit farther every day. Some people may also witness withdrawal symptoms. You may feel the void inside, anxiety and panic attacks, shivering of body, and the strong urge to start  smoking. Have faith. The journey is not too long.

Avoid Things people who can Trigger You

What gives you the comfort of smoking? This is what you need to figure out. It may be a friend, a place, or some situations. When you get control over it, you may decrease the tendency to smoke.

Try a Replacement Therapy

When talking about how to stop smoking immediately, you may also take the help of replacement therapy that can act as a substitute for tobacco. For instance, nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, etc., can be helpful. However, remember to not be dependent on these.

Indulge in Healthy Activities

Sitting idle can trigger mood swings and a desire for tobacco. To avoid it, you may get indulged in some health activities like sports, meditation, your long-lost hobby, etc.

Reach out for Help

Friends and family are the ones you can rely on when in need. Ask your friends and family to support you in this journey of quitting tobacco.

Go Public

When you have decided to quit tobacco, you need not confine yourself. Meeting friends and discussing your decision can actually help you feel light.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Now is a great time to gain back the lost health. You can plan a healthy diet along with daily exercise. Adding green leafy vegetables, fruits, and healthy drinks can be a great idea.

Know the Dangers and Remind Yourself of the Benefits

There may come a lot of instances when your inner self may compel you to head back to tobacco. This is the time when you need to remind yourself why you took the path of quitting tobacco and how dangerous it could be.

Avoid the Temptation of having “Just One”

Leaving an addiction has no closure attached. Having just one, the last one is never actually the last one. It is the first one that can take you back to the old habits. So, try to avoid this temptation and never look back.

Smoking and Health Insurance

The habit of smoking, in any form, can be easy to form but tough to quit. With each puff of a cigarette, your body is at risk of developing diseases like cancer due to exposure to more than 7,000 chemicals.

Considering these factors, the premium rates of health insurance plans for smokers are higher than for non-smokers. Apart from this, you may also have differences in coverage under a health plan if you have smoking habits. Chain smokers or people who have been smoking for far too long may not be able to get their health insurance application accepted. Quitting tobacco not only helps you get back your healthy self but also gets you affordable premium rates.

Over to You

Smoking poses a perilous addiction and can lead to severe health risks. Its addictive nature causes dependency, harming not only the smoker but also those exposed to second hand or passive smoke. Quitting tobacco is vital for a healthier life, reducing risks of cancer, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Once you start asking yourself, “How can I quit smoking?, it is an indication that this deadly habit has become an addiction. Quitting can be difficult, but you need to be consistent! The benefits are going to be worth it. Every breath you take without tobacco can bring you closer to a healthier, illness-free life. You have the strength to break free from this addiction and embrace a future full of vitality and well-being.

Remember, every effort counts towards a healthier, tobacco-free life!

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