Why Quit Smoking Today for Healthier Heart & Lungs?


Why Quit Smoking Today for Healthier Heart & Lungs?

Your craving will pass, but the damage to your lungs will last. When you smoke, you expose your body to thousands of toxins. As a result, not only are your lungs get damaged, but your heart and several other organs suffer too. 

Even if you have been a heavy smoker for a long time, quitting smoking can positively impact your health right away and for decades to come. Here are a few of the benefits of quitting smoking today listed below.

How to stop smoking in a nutshell:

Here are a few essential points to remember when trying to quit smoking.

  • Quitting smoking requires rewiring the brain so that it no longer craves nicotine for breaking the cycle of addiction.
  • To succeed, smokers who wish to give up the habit must develop a plan to combat cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • The advantages of quitting smoking can be felt as soon as one hour after you have smoked your last cigarette.
  • Quitting smoking as soon as possible lowers your risk of cancer, heart disease and other diseases associated with smoking.
  • If you have been smoking for a long time, it is necessary to secure yourself and your loved ones with health insurance that covers critical illnesses. You can choose CHI's Cancer Insurance or Care Heart Plan for a secured tomorrow.
  • What Effects Does Smoking Have on Your Lungs & Heart?
  • Smoking also damages your lung's blood arteries and air gaps, reducing the amount of oxygen available to the body's important organs.
  • Smoking alters your airways and lungs in significant ways. While colds are acute and short-lived, emphysema is more chronic and lasts a lifetime.
  • Smoking raises bad cholesterol levels and lowers the level of good cholesterol in the blood, which causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Smoking raises homocysteine levels in the blood, which can lead to vascular damage.
  • Smoking raises carbon monoxide levels in the blood, which reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen to tissues.
  • Benefits of quitting smoking today:

When you stop smoking, your health improves right away. Smoking is a leading cause of lung cancer mortality, as well as heart attacks and strokes. You have the opportunity to significantly reduce the risk of developing Lung Cancer or other Heart Diseases. Fortunately, stopping early reduces your dangers, improves your health, and increases your lifespan. Although quitting smoking can be difficult, the benefits to your lungs and other organs are well worth it. 

  • Quitting smoking helps prevent emphysema, stop lung damage, and allow cilia (which helps keep the airways clear of mucus and dirt) to regrow and return to normal function.
  • According to the WHO, after a year of not smoking, your risk of coronary heart disease is about half that of a smoker.
  • Tobacco use and smoking have been linked to a variety of diseases like cancers of the stomach, mouth, pancreas, throat, kidney, oesophagus, cervix, etc. One of the most significant advantages of quitting smoking is a lower risk of these severe illnesses.
  • Many smokers don't recognize the disruption to their sleep patterns that comes from nicotine surges through their bodies, which is why they develop insomnia. Stop Smoking today to stop your sleeping problems.
  • Using tobacco is a dangerous habit that can cause serious health problems and even death. When a person gives up smoking, their body begins to repair and function like a non-smoker. Some of the benefits, such as a reduction in blood pressure, are immediately apparent. Other impacts, like the risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease, and lung disease, take years to return to the levels of non-smokers. However, each year of not smoking reduces risks and improves overall health, making quitting smoking an excellent choice for everyone who started the habit.

The best way to be safe is to be secured. If you have been practicing unhealthy habits, health insurance coverage is one of the many strategies to help you achieve your health goals. It will assist you in dealing with any medical crises that may arise. You can choose CHIL's Cancer Insurance for hassle-free cashless and reimbursement facility that ensures timely claim settlements.

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