Effects of High Blood Pressure on Various Organs


Effects of High Blood Pressure on Various Organs

Scientifically known as hypertension, high blood pressure can have harmful effects on various organs if preventive measures are not taken. Hypertension can be a risk factor for developing various ailments such as heart and kidney disorder, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions. High blood pressure affects your body before any symptoms appear. Therefore, it is advised to get your health check-up done regularly and know your blood pressure readings. 

Read on to know the harmful effects of hypertension on various parts of the body. 

Damage to the arteries: 

The damage caused by hypertension builds over time. It can cause more risk if it is undiagnosed. The blood vessels and arteries carry blood throughout the body and provide nutrients to various organs. Hypertension may cause an increase in the blood pressure flowing through the arteries which may result in the following conditions:

Narrowing of arteries: 

Hypertension can be injurious to the cells of the inner wall of the arteries. The fat from the diet enters the bloodstream and gets accumulated in the damaged arteries. This makes the artery less elastic and restricts the blood flow.


Hypertension can cause a bulge to form in a damaged artery. This condition is known as an aneurysm. An aneurysm occurs inside the chest, abdomen, and body. If it gets large, it can rupture and lead to bleeding. A ruptured aneurysm can be fatal, it mostly occurs in the aorta. 

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Damage to the heart: 

When the blood is not able to flow through a blocked artery, it results in damage to the tissue. It may lead to chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and heart attack. 

Coronary artery disease: 

The narrowed arteries face trouble to supply blood to the heart. When the blood does not flow to the heart, you may experience angina, arrhythmias or even heart attack.

Left arterial enlargement: 

As the left side of the heart works harder to push the blood throughout the body. This may cause the heart to get enlarge and may also lead to a heart attack. 

Congestive heart failure: 

The strain on the heart caused due to hypertension weakens the heart muscle and affects its functioning. The symptoms of heart failure include difficulty in breathing, tiredness, and swelling in various parts of the body. 

Damage to the brain: 

Hypertension is the main cause of stroke. When an artery in the brain tears and becomes clogged, it stops the blood to reach the brain. Reduced blood flow leads to memory and cognitive disorder. When an artery in the brain gets blocked, it leads to stroke. If the brain does not get the oxygen they get from blood, the cell of the brain begins to die. 

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Final Words

With the increasing stress and sedentary lifestyle, hypertension is a common phenomenon these days. All we can do is to prepare ourselves for all the uncertainties that may occur in the future. Following a healthy lifestyle and buying a health insurance plan can keep you protected. So, if you are suffering from hypertension, you can opt for a Care Freedom Insurance plan by Care Health Insurance. Plan your requirements and then opt for a health insurance plan that is ideal for you. 

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