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Top 9 Myths and Facts About Hypertension Busted

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Hypertension is a condition of increased blood pressure in the blood vessels that is carried from the heart to the entire body. The blood pressure is determined by the capacity of the heart to pump the blood and health.

There are various myths associated with hypertension. You may hear all sorts of advice from your family and friends which may leave you perplexed.

We bring you some common facts about hypertension that will help you in making wise health decisions.

1.Myth: You need not to worry about the earlier symptoms of hypertension 

Fact: The modern lifestyle has made hypertension a common lifestyle ailment that needs prompt attention. Undetected hypertension can lead to various health complications is such as heart attack, stroke, and even death. The major threat is that hypertension does not show any symptoms. Hence, it is also called a ‘silent killer’.

2.Myth: Hypertension mostly affects men, than women

Fact: With the modern lifestyle and stress, both genders are prone to develop hypertension. Studies reveal that men below the age of 50 are prone to hypertension. While women are prone to develop hypertension because of menopause once they turn 50.

3.Myth: Hypertension is genetic

Fact: It is believed that hypertension can be inherited from the family. However, genetic factor is not the only reason for hypertension. It can be due to various lifestyle factors. By following a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent and even manage this condition. Taking a healthy diet, doing regular exercise and practicing yoga can help you in managing hypertension.

4.Myth: Elderly people are prone to hypertension

Fact: Hypertension is not an old age-related medical condition alone. Even, young people in the age group of 18-39 are also prone to developing hypertension. This mainly happens because of lifestyle changes that cause the blood vessels to become weak; thereby, increasing the chances of developing high blood pressure.

5.Myth: Hypertension cannot be controlled

Fact: Hypertension can be detected and easily controlled. All you need to do is to take regular readings, bring some lifestyle changes and take medicines as prescribed by the medical practitioner.

6.Myth: It is safe to stop taking medicines once the condition is improved

Fact: It is safe to stop taking medicines if you see an improvement in your condition. However, if the doctor has recommended taking medicines for a certain period, then it is advisable to finish the complete course of the treatment. Discontinuing the course of the medicine can be dangerous.

7.Myth: Hypertension always shows symptoms

Fact: In most cases, hypertension does not show any symptoms. However, if it is advisable to get your blood pressure checked once every six months in order to avoid serious complications.

8. Myth: A single high blood pressure reading indicates that you have hypertension

Fact: No, a single reading of high blood pressure does not indicate that you have hypertension. The blood pressure keeps changing the entire day. Therefore, you should check your high blood pressure regularly.

9.Myth: Salt does not cause hypertension

Fact: Eating excess salt is the main cause of hypertension. Hence, it is advised to eat food that has lesser salt content. Do not take food items such as processed food, pickles and papads as they have large amounts of salt in them.

With maximum coverage and cashless hospitalization across network hospitals, the leading health insurance company offers a plethora of health insurance plans.


Care Health Insurance offers Care Freedom -health insurance plan for hypertension. It is a comprehensive health insurance plan for hypertension and diabetes. This health insurance plan offers various benefits such as hospitalization cover, annual health check-up and day care treatment.You can choose to purchase this plan with a family floater cover in order to ensure all round protection for your entire family. Further, if you have ageing parents in your family, adding them in this health insurance plan may prove more economical than buying a separate senior citizens health plan for hypertension.It allows you to live stress-free life and get the best treatment whenever required.

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers as of 31st March 2024

**Number of Claims Settled as of 31st March 2024

^10% discount is applicable for a 3-year policy

Disclaimer: The above information is only for reference purposes. Underwriting of claims for Hypertension is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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