Does Your Health Insurance Cover Skin Burns?


does your health insurance cover skin burns

It is never a pleasant experience when you or your loved one gets burnt and undergo immense pain and trauma. Skin burns could give an unimaginably painful experience and may take time to heal according to the degree of burn one has to bear.  

Skin burns can cause blisters, red/peeling skin, or burnt skin if not treated promptly. The most common cause of burns and scalds is contact with a hot curling iron or oven or spilling hot liquid. While you cannot prevent accidental burns, you may protect yourself from the medical costs associated with them. 


Here comes your health insurance policy into the action! Health Insurance for Skin Burns ensures you are financially protected under such circumstances.

Let’s learn about the classification of burns and how important it is to be covered for Skin Burns under a Health Insurance plan.

Classification of Burns

Depending on how deeply and severely a burn penetrates the skin's surface, it is categorised as first, second, or third-degree burn.

First Degree Burns (superficial)

Only the epidermis, or top layer of skin, is impacted by first-degree burns. The burn site is painful, dry, and red; there are no blisters present. For instance, a minor sunburn. Rare cases of long-lasting tissue injury typically involve changes in skin tone.

Second Degree Burns (Partial Thickness)

Skin's epidermis and a portion of its dermis are both affected by second-degree burns. The burn site looks red, has blisters, and may look unpleasant and swollen.

Third Degree Burns (Full Thickness)

The epidermis and dermis are destroyed by third-degree burns. The underlying bones, muscles, and tendons may potentially sustain injury from third-degree burns. The burnt area looks scorched or white as the nerve endings in the area get damaged and have no sensation. 

Burns that cover 10% of a child's body or 15% to 20% of an adult's body is regarded as serious injuries that necessitate hospitalisation and intensive rehabilitation.

Importance of Health Insurance Coverage for Accidental Burns

Medical or surgical treatment is available for certain skin burns. While some treatments might be inexpensive, others might be expensive and might burn a hole in your pocket. Financial hardship may result from expensive treatments for skin burns. It seems sensible to buy health insurance that covers accidental skin burns and protects you financially in times of such contingency. 

A cover explicitly for skin burns can help you deal with costly treatment with multiple inclusions. These include in-patient hospitalization cover, day-care treatment cover, pre and post-hospitalization medical expenses cover, cover for medical procedures, and more.

Final Thoughts

It becomes unimaginably distressing to arrange finances when there is an emergency that needs immediate attention. In case of skin burn accidents, one has to be rushed to the hospital without delay to avoid any infection or more pain. We at Care Insurance provide a specialized health insurance plan for critical illnesses; an easy-to-acquire individual and family health indemnity plan that covers 32 critical illnesses pre-defined in the policy including major burns as well. God forbid, if there is any accidental burn that needs hospitalisation, you would at least have something to back you up financially while you are enduring the immense pain. Buy Critical Illness Insurance and cover yourself against 32 major illnesses today!

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Disclaimer: The abovementioned information is for reference purposes only. Refer to your policy documents for more details on Burns.

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