Difference between Personal Accident Insurance and Health Insurance


Difference between Personal Accident Insurance and Health Insurance

Insurance is bought to be benefitted in times of contingencies. While there are many advantages of buying health insurance policies, personal accident insurance can be proven to be more suitable in some situations. There are significant differences between these two insurance policies, and to make your job easy, we have listed down key differences between personal accident insurance and health insurance plans. 

The thought of meeting an accident and not having financial assistance is the worst-case scenario considering the unpredictability one might have to encounter. Things happen in the blink of an eye, and everything gets tumultuous if you don’t have insurance backing you up. Buying an insurance plan is a wise way to prepare yourself and your beloved family to face the challenges you might witness along life's journey. 

Key Differences between Personal Accident Insurance and Health Insurance

Personal accident insurance comes to the rescue during an accident, whereas health insurance gives you complete coverage during your hospitalization. Let’s understand what personal accident and health insurance are all about in this blog.

 Services Personal Accident Insurance Health Insurance
The Purpose Personal accident insurance aims to give policyholders insurance coverage only when hospitalization is required due to accident, accidental death and partial or severe disability that happened due to an accident. Health insurance’s goal is to cover expenses related to hospitalization, medical treatments, and more resulting from a sickness or injury. 
Medical Coverage It could be comprehensive, but a personal accident insurance policy provides a lump sum amount to be used during hospitalization due to an accident. It offers a range of benefits when it comes to expenses related to sickness, hospitalization, ambulance charges, day-care expenses and any surgical treatments that are covered under your plan. You will have to find comprehensive health insurance with all the benefits and add-ons to your cover.

Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Cover
It takes care of the hospitalization expenses related to the treatment of medical injuries occurred due to the accident. It covers Pre-hospitalization costs that result from expenses that are incurred before the patient gets hospitalized, and post-hospitalization costs incurred after the patient gets discharged from the hospital due to any sickness or injury.
Disability Coverage The damage incurred due to an accident is often so uncertain that it can result in disabilities. Accident insurance offers coverage in almost all situations resulting in disability. It doesn’t offer disability coverage, especially when it has happened due to an accident.
Death Coverage It does offer coverage even after the person loses their lives due to an accident. The sum insured is given to the nominee chosen by the policyholder while buying the policy.

No health insurance gives coverage for death.



Both the insurance apparently fits different needs and gives you coverage. It is vital to buy personal accident insurance and health insurance to be fully covered when you need either of these to come to your rescue. Paying diligence to the finer details of these insurances ensures that you and your family benefit in the long run. You and your loved ones will have the resources and assistance you require during sudden health issues related to either accident or sickness. 

However, it is absolutely essential to understand how important it is to look after yourself and your family in such unpredictable times. Care Health Insurance understands the need of the hour, and hence it offers both Personal Accident Insurance and Health Insurance to its customers. We want to stand by your side as and when you need us the most. We are known for our 22900+ cashless healthcare providers across the globe. Get your quote now to buy personal accident and health insurance for yourself.

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Disclaimer- This blog is for reference purposes only. Please read your policy document carefully to know more.

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