3 Diagnostic Tests All Men Must Take in Their 20s


3 Diagnostic Tests All Men Must Take in Their 20s

The vicenarians—or adults in their 20s—have the world revolving around them. While on top of their health and vigour, the 20s something has a lot on their plate from work and travel to friends and family. Yet, that’s the biggest reason why young adults tend to avoid doctor’s visits until major health crises occur. This is because they are confident of zero health issues or illnesses.

As Dr Babita Ghai, Professor, Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care puts it— most adults delay their health checks as something minor only to find out about chronic underlying conditions later.

In this article, we have listed down the three most important medical tests every man should undergo at least once annually during their 20s.

What is the Need for Diagnostic Tests in Your 20s?

As unnecessary as it may sound, health check-ups in your 20s are indispensable to keep adulthood health issues at bay. Here are the main reasons you should skip a lunch date rather than delaying health check-ups:

Saves You More with Preventive Care Keeps You in Good Shape
When in your 30s, you will thank your younger self for undergoing regular health checks. This is because your 20s in the best age to detect any chronic ailments early on. With preventive care, you can save a huge fortune that would otherwise be drained if you fail to identify illnesses in time. Tests like BMI evaluation help you maintain a healthy body while giving you insights into weight management. Also, basic health screening tests like CBC, lipid profile, and organ-specific tests give an instant health overview to beginners. Also, it helps you plan a nutritious diet for a healthy 20s.
Promises Risk-free Adulthood Keeps Your Chronic Conditions in Check
Health risks might be lower during adulthood but not completely at bay. Especially when you are working outdoors, the risk of infections, diseases, and unexpected ailments is the highest. Examining your health early on promises a stress-free adulthood by eliminating major health issues away. Young adults are more prone to prolonged illnesses if the family’s medical history involves chronic ailments like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. With routine check-ups, you can avert these health conditions without undergoing major surgeries. Also, medical tests point out hidden chronic ailments.

3 Diagnostics Tests Men in 20s Should Never Skip

As a breadwinner, adult men are under the most pressure and should be aware of the blood and heart-related conditions with these types of medical tests:

1) Basic BP, Diabetes, and Cholestrol Tests

The most basic and must-take health screening tests include basic blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol diagnosis. Studies prove that men are more vulnerable to developing a higher blood pressure problem earlier than women.

That's why it is indispensable for men in their 20s to undertake medical tests at home at least twice weekly to check their blood pressure and blood glucose. Also, you should undergo the Hba1c test to know your 3-month average sugar levels. Cholesterol tests fall under the lipid profile examination that you should undergo at least once yearly.

2) Complete Blood Count

The CBC test gives an overview evaluation of your health and helps identify several conditions, disorders, and infections. The rising cases of anaemia, inflammation and other blood-related conditions among men make the CBC test a mandatory diagnosis for adults. Besides, a CBC examination can detect signs of heart disease, iron deficiency, bone marrow disorder, or cancer among young adults.

3) Heart Screening

India is now officially the world’s Chronic Heart Disease capital as warned by the CSI later in 2022. Bearing almost 60% of the world’s heart disease burden, India’s population has become prone to heart disease more than ever today. Factors like smoking, lack of physical activities, avoidance of routine check-ups, and treatment gaps are responsible for the rising cardiovascular conditions in India.

To safeguard your adulthood from the curse of heart ailments, you must undertake these blood tests annually:

  • hs-CRP: This test determines the risk of developing Chronic Heart Disease (CHD) in healthy individuals.
  • CMP: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel test gives an overview of your physical health that links directly to the condition of the heart, kidney, liver, and other organs.
  • Homocysteine: The test measures the amino acid level in your blood to determine Vitamin B6, B9, or B12 deficiency. The higher the homocysteine levels, the higher risk of heart disease.

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Staying Youthful with Care Health Insurance

At Care Health Insurance, we ensure that your life’s most zealous years see you young and thriving instead of struggling with severe ailments. Our health insurance plans are designed to cater to the medical care needs of young individuals with free annual medical test packages. The test covers standard check-ups like lipid profiles, blood sugar tests, kidney and liver function, and other organ-specific tests. So, give your adulthood the boost of good health with customised Care Health Insurance Plans.

Disclaimer: Please verify the policy details and coverage with the official policy documents. Also, kindly consult a professional medical expert to verify the details of health concerns.

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