Does Your Health Insurance Plan Cover the Diagnostic Tests Expenses?


does your health insurance plan cover diagnostic tests expenses

Do you feel anxious about getting your diagnostic tests done because of their extravagant prices? Diagnostic test charges could burn holes in pockets if you do not have comprehensive health care insurance in place. Tests such as MRI, ultrasounds, X-ray or invasive tests are often unavoidable depending upon the patient’s condition.

However, with plenty of health insurance plans available in the market, it can sometimes be taxing to decide which plan serves the purpose of your and your family's needs. So, before you decide to buy the plan, make sure you have gone through the policy’s inclusions and exclusions carefully to avoid anything unpleasant.

Let’s shed some light on whether or not healthcare plans cover the cost of high-end diagnostic tests.

What are Diagnostic Tests?

Diagnostics tests are investigative tests to understand the root cause of the issue you might be experiencing. They could either be invasive or non-invasive tests conducted by experts to eliminate health risks and help them  understand the severity, nature and type of health issue one  may suffer.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) helps diagnose health concerns in the brain, abdomen, breast, spine, etc., whereas X-Ray tests help detect major illnesses such as cancer with the help of 2D screening. Tests like ultrasound use sound waves with frequencies to detect changes in the appearance of tissues or organs, tumours, etc. 

These diagnostic procedures are usually recommended by your physician and can be carried out as a pre-or-post hospitalisation procedure depending upon your health policy.

Will Your Health Insurance Cover the Diagnostic Tests Charges?

The answer is YES.

However, it comes with a condition!

Many health insurance plans have features where pre-and-post hospitalisation expenses are covered. So, the test expenses incurred up to 30 days before hospitalisation and 60 days after the discharge date will be covered by your insurer if you have made an intelligent choice of buying comprehensive health insurance.

How to Choose a Comprehensive Plan That Covers Diagnostic Tests?

If you ignore what all your health insurance plan includes and exclude, you might experience a setback when you urgently need financial assistance. Below are some important factors you can take care of while you pick the policy:

Look for ‘Best in the Market’ Plans

Don’t ever rely on the suggestions of people around you, do your extensive research and ensure that you are satisfied with the  benefits offered. Give your time and compare different plans and insurance companies to understand the difference. 

You may come across plans with varied features depending on the terms and conditions applied when it comes to covering diagnostic test expenses.  There is never a right or wrong plan; it is either comprehensive or uncomprehensive, varying on the plan and premium you choose. Pick the plan that is suitable for you and goes with your requirement and budget. Also, make sure that your plan includes diagnostic tests as well.

Read Through the Policy’s Fine Print

Fine print usually refers to contract terms and conditions, disclosures, or other vital information that is not included in the main body of a policy. Even the most careful one might  ignore reading the terms and conditions before buying any policy. Make sure you are aware of everything your plan has to offer in terms of diagnostic tests to avoid future hicups. 

Clear Your Doubts with Your Insurer

People often don’t understand the policy and some of  its hidden clauses  To clear your doubts, speak to your insurer and have all your queries resolved. Going through the policy document could be tedious, so make an effort to talk to your insurer if you are ambiguous about anything in your policy.

Choose a Reliable Insurance Company

Make sure that your choice of the insurer doesn’t make you regret your choice later. Pick a company that is renowned for its seamless services. A good health insurance plan will always include diagnostic tests (with valid terms and conditions), cashless services, affordable premiums and other valuable features. Most of the Care Health Insurance plans offer pre-and-post hospitalisation coverage that can help you cover the expenses for the diagnostic test you must undergo 30 days before and 60 days after the hospitalisation.

Summing it Up

The diagnostic test is the primary and essential part of the treatment. However, you easily mitigate these expenses through comprehensive health insurance plans. Care Health Insurance offers exclusively tailored healthcare plans that offer coverage for diagnostic tests under specific terms and conditions. By smartly investing your time and money, you can easily afford quality healthcare without exhausting your savings.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned information is for reference purposes only. Please refer to your policy’s fine print to know more about the inclusions and exclusions, as they may vary.....

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