5 Birth Control Options You can Rely upon


5 Birth Control Options You can Rely upon

With so many birth control options, picking the most suitable one can be a difficult choice. While you may have heard different experiences from different people, the right birth control option for you is a personal choice. Are you looking for a way to have protected sex that will not let you or your partner get pregnant unexpectedly and are struggling to know which one is the best for you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. To help you ease your stress, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of various birth control treatment options.

Simply put birth control options or contraceptives are effective in preventing pregnancy. They will show you the results when you take care of their consistent and on-time usage. You should know how various contraceptive options work and what side effects they may induce when you select them. Furthermore, reproductive goals should also be taken care of to mitigate the risk of choosing the wrong option. Let’s delve a little deeper. 

What is Contraception? 

Birth control or contraception is the right way to control unplanned pregnancy without affecting your fertility. When you start exploring the different options for safe contraception, you will come across a myriad of options available in the country. However, the option that you can use consistently and conveniently is the most effective option. You should consider your lifestyle, your strength to endure its side effects, and your future planning for starting a family when you choose a contraceptive option. Furthermore, you should speak with your health professional and partner before you make a decision. 

Keep in mind that sometimes it can be difficult for you to use the birth control option. For instance, if you are using birth control pills, you may forget to take them on time. However, being negligent with your contraceptives can prove to be a costly mistake. 

In case you or your partner are in an open relationship, you need to choose a contraceptive that will protect you and your partner against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Don’t think that birth control or anticonception measures will reduce sexual drive between you and your partner. Moreover, if you use your contraceptive option correctly, you can control unexpected pregnancy. 

How do I Choose the Right Birth Control?

Before we delve into the details, you should know how to choose the right birth control. It becomes essential to take into account crucial factors that can directly impact your decision. 

However, your choice of the contraceptive option may change over time depending on your lifestyle and situation. Check out the following pointers to learn about those factors that you should consider taking the right decision:

  • Your age and health history
  • Your religious beliefs 
  • Your planning for pregnancy or starting a family
  • Side effects and potential risks
  • Compare the ease of use
  • Compare the pregnancy prevention effectiveness without affecting fertility 
  • Frequency of your sexual activities
  • How many sexual partners do you have
  • Is your requirement for lighter periods or proper menstrual cycles
  • How important is it for you to get protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections?
  • How badly do you need to keep the birth control option private?

Types of Birth Control

In India, awareness about contraception is on the rise. The government's mission is to reduce the overall fertility rate to 2.1 by 2025. Therefore, the National Programme for Family Planning has been running various programs to educate couples about birth control types. You can also be one of those smart couples who plan their baby at the right time. Scroll down to read about various birth control options.


Are you and your partner sure about not having any or any more children? If yes, you may choose the surgical option or sterilisation. This has proved itself 100% effective, eliminating the risk of pregnancy permanently. 

This consists of three types of birth control options: Salpingectomy, Tubal ligation, and Vasectomies. Tubal ligation is done for females, and vasectomy is done for men. When couples choose any one of the sterilisation methods, it implies that they do not expect it to be reversed. However, in some rare cases, it can be reversed. Since the reverse operation can be risky for your health or life, you should think about it carefully when you make a decision.

IUDs (intrauterine devices)

Is your and your partner’s preference to choose a long-lasting birth control option that doesn’t require daily upkeep? In this case, you should choose the IUDs option. This is the best option for those who  don’t want to use the birth control option again. 

An Intrauterine Device is a T-shaped device that is put in the uterus. This prevents sperm from reaching the uterus. This device is of two types. You can choose an IUD T-shaped device, either of copper or plastic that contains progestin hormones. Though this treatment can be painful for some and causes excessive bleeding for a few initial days, it is 100% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy. 

Hormonal Methods

Hormonal contraceptives include birth control pills, vaginal rings (NuvaRing), and patches (Xulane). You can choose either of them and control the risk of ovulation. However, you should be very careful when you choose any one of these methods. You have to take birth contraceptive pills daily and at the same time without any miss. The vaginal ring is removed every month to allow monthly periods to come. The patch releases estrogen and progestin hormones to prevent ovulation. You need to change them every week.

Talk to your health care professional before you choose the hormonal contraceptive option, as some of them induce birth control side effects. Excessive insertion of external estrogen can pose the threat of blood clots. 

In contrast to the above-mentioned solutions, you can opt for hormonal devices such as birth control implants. Though there is no doubt in its effectiveness, it might not always be the right option for you. You can experience either excessive bleeding or irregular periods after using it. 

Barrier Methods 

You have to use a barrier method each time before you have sexual intercourse with your partner. You will get many options such as condoms, diaphragm, cervical cap, and sponge to prohibit pregnancy. You have to be very cautious when you are choosing a barrier method.

Birth control solutions under the barrier method are typically less effective methods than other contraceptive solutions. Except for condoms, the other birth control solutions do not prevent the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Hence, you should set your reproductive goals first, then decide whether you should use barrier methods or not to control reproduction. 

Emergency Contraception 

In case you have had unprotected sex, you still have the option to prohibit unexpected ovulation. You should opt for emergency contraception. This is considered to be 90% effective in protecting you from unplanned pregnancy. 

However, its effectiveness depends on how early you take emergency contraceptives. The reason is that once the female starts ovulating, these contraceptives can’t prevent a pregnancy. You should use this option within 72 hours of your unprotected sex. 

What are the Best Birth Control Options?

Now that you know about birth control options, you will be in a better position to decide which birth control option would be the best for you. 

You should keep one thing in mind all available birth control options are suitable to mitigate the risk of unwanted ovulation in the uterus. All change the thickness of the uterine so that no egg will implant itself in it. 

When you decide which one is the best for you, you should enlist your expectations from birth control treatment. Furthermore, you should also measure your capability of enduring the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Then, you should select the best birth control options.

To prevent birth control side effects, it is recommended that you talk to your health care consultant. You must be transparent about your health history. Moreover, you should have mutual consent about it with your partner. 

Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing Birth Control Options

Before choosing effective methods of birth control, you should understand their necessity. Not having sex with your partner to prevent the risk of unwanted pregnancy might not be the ultimate solution. You should rely on the success of the birth control treatments. You should take into account the following things when you choose the method of birth control:

  • It is always better to talk to the gynaecologist to know about the impacts of your chosen birth control treatment on the menstrual cycle. 
  • Never think that it is only your decision. You need to keep your partner in the picture. You can try to convince your partner by telling them about the pros and cons of birth control methods.
  • Visit your doctor immediately if you face any side effect. Don’t wait for them to become severe. 
  • Avoid sterilisation until your reproductive goals are fulfilled.
  • Emergency contraceptive is not a birth control solution. This is a last resort if you fail to opt for birth control contraceptives on time. 
  • Your health should always be a priority when it comes to choosing birth control options based on cost. 
  • It is better to prevent pregnancy than to terminate it. 
  • Don’t rely on the commercial ads of oral contraceptive pills and practise self-medication. Excessive insertion of estrogen hormones through oral pills can induce the risk of blood clots. 

It is Your Call Now!

When it comes to choosing the best birth control treatment option, different people can have different preferences. After going through the article, we’re hoping that you won’t encounter any difficulty in determining which one is the best for you according to your future goals. Similarly, it is equally important for those who are planning a family to consider pregnancy health insurance to prevent unexpected medical expenses. However, no health insurance covers expenses related to pregnancy termination or abortion, it is highly recommended to consider your decision twice.  In case you choose any oral contraceptive pill, make sure you take it under the guidance of your gynaecologist. Extra caution for the use of birth control options will always keep you miles away from any harmful consequences. 

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