Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance: Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage


Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance: Pre and Post Hospitalization Coverage

“With parenthood comes great responsibility.”

Maternity is one of the most challenging phases in a woman’s life, and with this phase comes financial distress too. In such bleak times, if you are not fully equipped with maternity cover insurance, you are bound to exhaust most of your savings on the entire process. For a woman, it is imperative for her to protect herself against any medical contingency that may occur during the pre or postnatal phase. 

Health insurance with maternity cover promises to be by your side while you are an expecting mother. Complications may occur anytime, and with the right protection, you don’t have to spend out of your pocket and go through the tiresome process. However, you cannot make the most of your insurance without knowing your coverage benefits. People frequently think maternity insurance only covers costs during hospitalisation. 

To clear your doubts about the same, you can read detailed information about Pre and Post Hospitalisation coverage in this blog.

Pre-hospitalization Expenses

Maternity-related expenses that are incurred before you get admitted to the hospital for further treatment are known as pre-hospitalization expenses. Investigation tests, routine medication, etc. are the pre-hospitalization expenses included in a health insurance policy.

Post-hospitalization Expenses

Post-hospitalization maternity-related expenses are the medical expenses incurred after you have been discharged from the hospital. Post-pregnancy doctor's consultation, diagnostic test, medication, and so on are all considered as post-hospitalization expenses, which are covered by a maternity policy. Post-hospitalization expenses incurred within 60 days of discharge from the hospital are eligible for reimbursement under the policy.

Therefore, buying health insurance with maternity cover will ensure that your pre and post-hospitalisation expenses are already covered and you don’t have to rush anywhere to arrange finances in times of urgency. 

Remember that, pregnancy is considered as a pre-existing condition that’s why a  waiting period of 9-24 months is applicable in order to buy maternity cover insurance. As a result, it becomes an inevitable investment as soon as you believe it is important. Usually, it is advised to buy maternity health insurance as soon as possible so that the in-built waiting period is served without hassle. 

What else does Your Maternity Insurance Cover? 

The scope of coverage under a maternity insurance plan also includes the following:

Pre-delivery or Pre-natal Expenses: If you have a decent maternity policy, it will cover all of your pre-natal costs, including routine medical exams, ultrasounds, and scans to make sure the baby is healthy until delivery.

Labor and Delivery Costs: The perfect maternity insurance coverage will pay for all medical costs, including labour  and delivery costs. It will assist in reducing recurring healthcare expenses as well.

Post-birth/post-natal Expenses: A decent maternity plan will cover costs associated with the hospitalisation, medicine, and vaccines for the newborn after the delivery.


To ensure that you and your to be born is protected, the first thing you must do while planning your family is buy a comprehensive maternity cover insurance that would help you cover delivery-related medical expenses. Most couples in India are apprehensive about starting a family because of the soaring cost for medical treatments. 

Considering how important it is to buy maternity insurance, Care Health Insurance’s JOY- Health Cover for Maternity can give you a sigh of relief so that you can cherish your motherhood without being stressed about the finances. It also comes with New Born Baby Cover that would cover your baby for 90 days after the delivery. 

Planning a family anytime soon? What’re you waiting for? Buy this plan immediately to secure yourself and your newborn.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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