5 Medical Gadgets You Must Keep at Home to Monitor Your Health


5 Medical Gadgets You Must Keep at Home to Monitor Your Health

With the unforeseen rise in COVID-19 cases and the mounting pressure on the healthcare system in our country, the second wave of this pandemic demands more precautions than ever before. Amidst the lockdown and delays in accessing healthcare, keeping a regular check on one’s health becomes necessary to prevent potential medical emergencies. Thanks to evolving technology, some health gadgets prove highly useful in easily monitoring the health of your loved ones.

Moreover, in these uncertain times, experts say that checking health parameters like temperature, oxygen level, and heart condition will help detect coronavirus infection much early in case the figures are unusual. So, here are the best health monitoring devices you can keep at home that can greatly help prevent a severe medical condition. 

1. Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Given the flu season and ongoing pandemic, having a thermometer at home is an essential medical tool. The no-contact infrared thermometers are a must, especially in these times. They can measure the body temperature from a distance and lower the chances of spreading any infection.

2. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

In the present situation, stress and an inactive lifestyle can become major factor for hypertension. Thus, having this medical device at home is a wise idea to detect high BP early on. Nowadays, digital blood pressure monitors are easily available in the market. They are easy to operate and display instant BP readings.

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3. Glucometer

If you or any of your family members have diabetes, a glucometer is among the most beneficial medical gadgets to keep at home. With this device, tracking blood glucose levels is convenient. However, if the reading is not within the normal range, it is better to consult your doctor as unchecked diabetes can lead to complications.

4. Pulse Oximeter

Presently, the pulse oximeter is one of the crucial health gadgets that medical experts recommend. The reason is it helps in measuring the oxygen level in the blood. In particular, if you have someone having a medical condition like lung problems or heart disease, this device can be of great help. Oxygen saturation of 90% or below is alarming, and one requires urgent medical attention. Usually, it should be 95% or higher.

5. ECG Monitor

Most ECG monitoring devices are compatible with smartphones. Having a portable ECG monitor at home will enable keeping a check on heart health, especially when even going for a doctor visit becomes difficult in these times. It is among the valuable medical gadgets which help in diagnosing various cardiac problems. Some studies show that COVID-19 patients are at risk of heart problems like arrhythmias or heart attack.

Over to You!

Regular health check-ups are a key to maintaining a healthy life, and these medical gadgets help keep a check on your vital parameters. Keeping medical equipment at home help in managing chronic conditions efficiently and save a life in the hour of need. However, it is better to consult a medical professional before using them.

In these testing times, health should be a priority. Consider insuring your loved ones by opting for a comprehensive family health insurance plan. Choose Care by Care Health Insurance that offers numerous policy benefits, including COVID-19 cover, day care treatment cover, cashless hospitalization, alternative treatment, annual health check-up, and more.

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Disclaimer: The information given in this article is only for reference purposes. Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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