COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown: A New Makeover for Mother Nature


COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown: A New Makeover for Mother Nature

People say, whatever happens, happens for a reason. However, there is no good in the COVID-19 pandemic the whole world is going through a difficult phase. Millions of people are getting infected, the death toll is rising every day, and cities are completely lockdowns. But looking to the other side, there is one thing that can relax people is that Mother Nature is healing its wounds. Soon we will win corona battle, but lockdown saving more lives from pollution reduction.

During lockdown people are staying at home, working from home, maintain social distancing, read below how it is helping Mother Nature:

Blue Sky

Citizens are happy to witness blue sky in many cities for a few days. It means that Indians are breathing healthily while combatting the spread of the coronavirus. Heavy grey smog nearly vanishes from the sky especially in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Mother Nature bestowing its beauty, people can see the moon and stars in the sky during a lockdown.

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Improved Air Quality

A few months back breathing in Delhi was equivalent to smoking around 25 cigarettes. However, the strict travel restrictions and halt on non-essential activities have brought an enormous decline in the levels of pollution all over the country. Around 90 cities recorded minimal levels of air pollution in this month. Nature is content with the forceful lockdown and producing fresh air without toxics.

Less Traffic

While most of the people are at home, traffic has also reduced. Now you cannot see jams, smoke, and noise on the roads. Airlines, trains, buses, cabs, and private transportation halt has resulted in a good percentage of reduction in fine particulate pollutants. It is a better way to curtail the ill-effects of pollution and nature is enjoying the peace.

No Smog

In order to curtail the spread of COVID-19, the government ordered to close down the factories of all non-essential products. As a result, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution have stopped. That’s why Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) pollution has also reduced in several cities across India. Now in the coming days, there will be no smog and citizens can breathe healthily.

Clear Water Bodies

One of the ways to prevent coronavirus is to wash your hands every hour with clean water. It has increased the usage of water over the country. But, on the other side, where factories are standstill the wastage is not mixing in water bodies. It results in clean water bodies and a decrease in the level of water pollution. 


When humans are locked in their homes, Mother Nature is rejoicing. Vehicles, public transport, working at factories, are all closed nature has begun to breathe with its flora and fauna. It is exciting to see how nature seems to reassert itself when human activity ceases.

Pandemic is always Nature’s way of telling us to stop over-exploitation of the planet. Therefore, follow the preventive measures and opt for the right health insurance offered by trusted names like Care Health Insurance. It gives comprehensive coverage against a medical emergency that can strike due to a pandemic crisis.

So, be at home and see how Mother Nature is smiling and spreading its arms for mankind.

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