World No Tobacco Day: How Critical Illness Insurance Secures Your Life


World No Tobacco Day: How Critical Illness Insurance Secures Your Life

The deadly nature of tobacco consumption can’t be emphasised enough. Close to 8 million die owing to tobacco use each year, according to the World Health Organization. Every year, World No Tobacco Day is observed on May 31 to spread awareness about tobacco effects and to empower its consumers to say no to tobacco. 

The health issues sprouting from tobacco consumption are not limited to chronic diseases like cancer, but also extend to tuberculosis, eye diseases, weakened immuntiy, and others. Not to mention—the unbearable cost of treating these diseases can drain all the savings while multiplying stress and financial crunch. 

Thus, it is important to choose a lifestyle with no tobacco products while protecting yourself from the expenses of chronic disease treatment with the Critical Illness Mediclaim by Care Insurance. The policy covers 32 critical diseases and their treatment expenses, along with other essential medical costs. 

On this anti-tobacco day, let’s take another look at how harmful tobacco can be and how you can secure yourself against medical emergencies due to chronic diseases. 

Harmful Effects of Tobacco on Health

Tobacco consumption can result in several health complications, which will have long-term effects on the body and impact different systems, such as the central nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Moreover, smoking and using other tobacco products can weaken the immune system and make a person prone to infections. Other health issues include anxiety, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), high cholesterol, etc. On top of it, , tobacco causes cancer which is the most severe disease and worst effects of tobacco that can turn several lives upside down. 

Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The sooner one quits smoking, the better! Quitting tobacco plays a crucial role in adding more years to one’s life. Here are some health benefits of quitting smoking:

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate in 20 minutes after quitting
  • Improves circulation and enhances the lung functions
  • Cleans the lungs and lowers risks of infection
  • Reduces risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer

Significance of a Cancer-specific Health Cover for Smokers

Neglecting the need for a health insurance policy at a young age is the worst mistake many people make.  A critical ailment can occur due to several reasons, including one’s family medical history. Besides, smoking and other forms of tobacco use lead to a much higher risk of such ailments, including cancer.

Having a separate health insurance for chronic ailments can play a vital role in tackling the burden of increasing medical expenses during emergencies. Moreover, medical treatments for cancer and various critical illnesses have seen advancements, but their costs are escalating. Given these facts, a cancer policy or a critical illness-specific health policy is a better choice than a regular health policy. It will provide higher coverage and comprehensive protection for expensive & advanced cancer treatments and therapies.

Consider a mediclaim policy for critical illness by Care Health Insurance, covering wide-ranging medical treatments for 32 critical ailments, including cancer. With cashless hospitalization at 21,100+ healthcare providers, you can stay stress-free about paying hefty hospital bills. 

So, secure your health and finances with the right health insurance policy that suits your medical needs. 

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Disclaimer: The information given in this article is only for reference purpose. *Please read the policy T&C, brochure, and prospectus to know more about our Cancer Insurance and Critical Illness Health Insurance plans.

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